Sophomore Business Major Showcases Parisian Style

by LAUREN SCHUSTER, Asst. Editor

Lisette Vincent is a sophomore from Mahwah, N.J. She is double majoring in finance and business analytics. She sat down and shared her style with us.

The Quadrangle: How would you describe your style?

Lisette Vincent: I think I have two different kinds of styles. I think I have a school style and then an out-of-school style. My school style is more laid-back, like I’ll just put on jeans and a sweater and boots if it’s the winter and then jean shorts, a shirt and sneakers if it’s the summer, but [for my] out-of-school style I think I definitely try to […] wear my nicer clothing outside of school. I’ll put on heels and I’ll put on nicer pants and stuff like that. So, I think I have more of a laid-back style in school and a more formal style outside of school.

TQ: How have you noticed your style change as you grew older?

LV: I definitely dress better than I did. I just try to dress more mature definitely. I think I’ve found what I liked [over time], not just kind of copying what I saw in school. [Now] I’ll see something on Instagram or on Pinterest and be like, “ooh I like that, I’m going to try to do something like that,” so I think that’s how I found my style.

TQ: Would you wear what you wore in high school now?

LV: No, just because I think I grew as a person, and so I think that kind of also changed my style. So yeah, I wouldn’t wear what I wore in high school.

TQ: What are your favorite places to shop?

LV: Urban Outfitters is definitely my number one, Forever 21 is always a steal and H&M. I also like this store called Sabo Skirt, it’s an Australian company, it’s online, I highly recommend it. Those are mostly my favorites.

TQ: Tell us where your outfit is from!

LV: The entire outfit is from Forever 21.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 11.57.39 AM
Vincent regularly models her outfits on Instagram. Lisette Vincent / Courtesy

TQ: If you were given $1,000 to spend in one place where would you spend it and why?

LV: Probably Urban Outfitters, only because their items are really expensive, so that money would come in handy.

TQ: How do you plan your outfits?

LV: For school, I kind of just throw on whatever is comfortable, but outside of school I definitely get a lot of my inspiration from some things I see on Instagram or on Pinterest. I [also] like a lot of old movies and I like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. So pieces I see, not complete outfits, but pieces I see that I love, I’ll buy and try to make it my own.

TQ: Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

LV: It always changes, but right now I just ordered shoes. They’re really cute, they’re these red heels. They’re very spring and summer-like and they’re a bright red velvet. They’re such a staple and I think I’m going to love them this year.