Voices on the Quad: Let the Games Begin

This is a full version of the Voices on the Quad found in the Feb 19. issue of The Quadrangle. Interviews were conducted by Alexa Schmidt. 

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Jackie Hann


Major: Communication

Do you keep up with the Winter Olympics?

Yeah, I was home last weekend so I watched it basically the whole time, just like me and my dad, and I love the Winter Olympics. I would say my favorite Olympic sport to watch is gymnastics, but as a whole, I like the Winter Olympics better because they’re great. Shaun White’s run was insane, I think all the skaters are amazing. I liked that they added the team thing instead of just individual stuff, and the brother and sister team are really good. Mirai Nagasu was so good, I was so happy when she did it, what a thrill to watch.

I’m just a little sad because at school I just don’t have enough time to watch them, and I don’t have cable. So how do I watch it?

Kat DalyScreen Shot 2018-02-19 at 8.31.14 PM


Major: English

Do you watch the Winter Olympics?

Usually I really love watching it when it’s on, especially when I’m at home, but I feel like I haven’t had any time to watch it this year. And it’s just on at such obscure times. But I have been able to watch some clips on Youtube, and I watched the video of the teenage boy from America who was the first one to win a gold medal, and I thought it was really funny and awesome.

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Paul Droubie, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

What’s your favorite sport to watch in the Olympics?

My favorite is probably one of the downhill skiing events. Probably either the downhill or the super g. That to me is a lot of fun to watch, with all the speed. And some of the slalom events are really fun to watch. That’s just kind of crazy.

What do you think are the main differences between the Olympics in Seoul, and in Pyeongchang?

Korea is a radically different place. 1988 Korea had just emerged from a dictatorship, a US supported military dictatorship. Some people credit the ‘88 games with that, arguing that the dictatorship which had previously crushed democratic protests couldn’t do it because the Olympics were coming. Of course they said that about Beijing and it didn’t work so well. And Korea’s economy was getting better, but it wasn’t great yet. Today, Korea has one of the largest economies in the world, a very modern economy, a highly developed country, so Korea is in a much different place.

How do you think Korea is handling the Olympic Games overall?  

They’re rich, they’re developed, they’re organized, they are doing just fine. I don’t think there was any doubt Korea would have a very organized games. Of course, they’re also incredibly expensive, and they will go into debt to pay for it. As do all of them. Olympics almost never make economic sense, no matter what they tell us. You’ve got to build specialized facilities that will never be fully utilized again.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 8.31.48 PMBridget McEvoy


Major: Education and History

What do you think of the Winter Olympics?

I don’t really like the Olympics. I watch them, but I don’t find them entertaining. I don’t like sports, and I think that it’s really cool that people are able to do all this stuff and they train. Like I really admire the athletes, they’re amazing, but it just doesn’t really interest me and it’s capitalist with all the different sponsors. It’s just not really my thing.

Do you prefer the summer or winter olympics?

I honestly don’t watch either one. I mean I’ve been watching the Winter just because my roommates have been watching it, and it’s interesting because some people are like so into it and love them, but I’ve never understood why.

Aidan GormleyScreen Shot 2018-02-19 at 8.33.15 PM


Major: Marketing

Do you watch the Winter Olympics?

Of course I watch the Winter Olympics. It’s one of the only times that the entire world comes together over a sport that’s not soccer.

What’s your favorite event?

The men and women’s halfpipe in snowboarding. Shoutout to Shaun White and Chloe Kim. they both won gold in that. And it was really cool. Chloe Kim was the first woman to pull off 140’s, which is three rotations in a row. And Shaun White got almost a perfect score.

Do you prefer the summer or winter Olympics?

Probably the summer Olympics because they have running, but the Winter Olympics is also a lot of fun.