Notes from the Editor

Dear Reader,

You might’ve noticed in my letter from last week that I mentioned the Quadrangle’s office has moved. Allow this week’s letter to serve as a formal announcement about this event: the Quadrangle’s office has moved!

We were notified mid-semester this past fall about Marilyn Carter, the newly appointed director of commuter services and outreach, would be moving into our old location on the second floor of the Kelly Commons in order for her office to be an easily accessible space for commuter students. At this point, we were given two options: stay in the Kelly Commons and relocate or move back to the basement of Overlook Manor where the newspaper previously resided before the completion of Kelly.

This soon led to many meetings with members of the administration, talks with our staff and adviser, and the seemingly un-ending search to find a new home for the student newspaper.

To be frank, the student newspaper did not need to be moved off campus to the Overlook location. My biggest concern was visibility of our important publication. Many of our staff writers conducted their interviews in our office and I personally enjoyed the Kelly location because of it’s central location on the Manhattan College campus. This is why I was very grateful when John Bennett offered us a location in the club meeting room, in a tinier but convenient space called “club meeting room A”.

I was also very appreciative of the way the administration worked with us during this situation in order for everyone to be happy involved during this move.

The Quadrangle needs to be accessible to the student body, just like Marilyn Carter needs to be accessible to commuter students. I’m extremely glad this all worked out for the best!


Taylor Brethauer