Screw Found in Kelly Commons Marketplace Wrap

This past Thursday, Jan. 25, a Manhattan College student found a small screw in their wrap, both the student and Gourmet Dining Services confirmed.

Leah McGovern, a junior civil engineering major at Manhattan College, discovered this screw at the Kelly Commons Marketplace.

“I typically buy a wrap for lunch there every weekday day because I have meal swipes through my meal plan when I have class down in the Leo building. The food is always very enjoyable,” said McGovern.

McGovern said she was about to start eating the second half of her wrap when she noticed the screw in the middle of it. Upon finding the screw, she told the staff in Kelly Commons.

McGovern said she was about to start eating the second half of her wrap when she noticed the screw in the middle of it. LEAH MCGOVERN SNAPCHAT / COURTESY

“Management and the gourmet dining employees were all very good and apologetic to me,” said McGovern, “Brian Weinstein, the head of Gourmet Dining, personally apologized to me and gave me a few free meal cards and three free starbucks drink cards.”

Brian Weinstein, the head of Gourmet Dining on Manhattan College’s campus, was made aware of the situation and there is now an ongoing investigation of the instance.

“All the information is gathered and we attempt to isolate how, why, when, and how we can prevent this from happening again,” said Weinstein.

Weinstein confirmed that the school’s produce comes through a string of local vendors through J Kings and the produce vendor is checking local facilities and local suppliers for any other possible foreign objects.

Weinstein said, “We believe it may have come in one of our pre-packaged lettuce bags. We are addressing this potential with our suppliers and have increased our staff process on how thoroughly they wash and scan the produce.”

Weinstein identifies this situation as an isolated instance.

“We serve over 4 thousand meals daily across campus and this is the first situation like this to occur under my watch,” said Weinstein, “You can be sure that we will continue to be vigilant so situations like these are an isolated incident.”

McGovern also believes this was an isolated instance.

“I thought I would be hesitant about going back, but I ended up going back for lunch the next day. I’m not worried about it happening again,” said McGovern, “I still trust the food at Manhattan College.”

Despite the instance, Weinstein confirmed that Gourmet Dining Services will continue to be dedicated to putting together quality services for the MC community.

“Gourmet Dining takes food safety very seriously. We strive to make every meal a memorable one and incidents like these should never happen,” said Weinstein. “While such incidents are rare each one is unacceptable and we hold our staff and suppliers accountable as we are to Manhattan College and our customers.”