Six Places to Get Your Study On

Student Government has recently facilitated more study spaces for students during the final two weeks of school.  Much of these new areas are located in O’Malley Library, and have greatly expanded to accommodate more students as final exams draw ever closer.

But for those of us who have had just about enough of library study sessions, or for those of us who are starting to get cabin fever from hours of studying in dorm rooms, there are a number of other spaces on campus which can provide students with a change of pace when it comes to studying or cranking out those final papers.

Here are some of our favorites here at The Quad:

Cafe 1853 Atrium (now with extended finals week hours!)

With a little more hustle and bustle than the library, Cafe 1853 has all the comforts of an indoor study spot, but has some skylights to give you some natural light while you crank out that final paper or cram for that exam.  Also, study snacks are available during the week, so there’s an option of taking a coffee or Red Mango break whenever it’s needed.

Kelly Commons (now with extended finals week hours!)

The ambience of Kelly Commons is a bit louder than the library, allowing conversation and collaboration to happen without getting shushed.  There’s plenty of study space available on the third and fourth floors, not to mention the more open areas of the first and second floors.  Also, just like Cafe 1853, there are snacks on hand during the week. And when Locke’s coffee just isn’t cutting it anymore, Starbucks has got your back.

Miguel and De La Salle Halls

The setting of a classroom can provide an atmosphere of structure and focus to those of us that need it.  Miguel and De La Salle Halls remain open during reading days, so they can also provide a change of scenery from the library.  These classrooms also come with the some of resources of a library study room with far more space for those larger study sessions.  Between the academic vibe and the collaborative space it provides, Miguel and De La Salle Halls have it all.

Residence Hall Study Rooms

Some of us need absolute silence and isolation to study, and the study rooms in residence halls are perfect for just that.  Equipped only with a desk and, if you’re lucky, a window or two, the residence hall study rooms provide a silent area with absolutely no distractions for those of us who have reached crunch time.

Residence Hall Common Areas

For those of us who want a change of pace within the comfort of our own dorm, the common area provides an open area for more collaboration and variety.  Most of the common areas also have stovetops or ovens for late-night study snacks, couches for quick cat naps between study sessions and televisions for those much-needed study breaks.

Go Mobile!

Some of us have had enough with not just the library, but the campus in general.  So clear your head by going on an expediting.  The city is home to coffee shops and common areas galore, both near (Mon Amour Coffee & Wine on W 238th St. comes to mind) and far, so hop on the 1 train and find your new favorite study spot.  The possibilities are endless here in New York!