Letters to the Editor

RABEA ALI writes:

To The Editor:

My name is Rabea Ali, current President of the Muslim Student Association, and I am writing to you today to give the Muslim students on our campus a voice. Manhattan College has a percentage of Muslim students who deserve to have a space for prayers and worships that accommodates our needs.  I was pleased to hear the Quadrangle was running a faith-based issue as faith plays a huge role in our daily lives.

Thus, I am writing to inquire about there being a designated space in the new STEM building for a prayer room or Mediation Room. While there is one in Horan Hall, that is much too far for the students on the other side of campus to go to in between classes. Thus, the MSA set about finding a space and was offered LEO 259 for our needs. However, this space is not a designated prayer space as it also moonlights as a student lounge. Thus we would like to be considered when the new STEM building is built in regards to having a space solely dedicated for anyone’s prayer/worship needs regardless of their religion.

Many are concerned that students’ voices are not being heard in this incredibly difficult time with the political and social ramifications that come with one’s religion/race/etc. I encourage the Manhattan College community to keep in mind our long-standing Lasallian values including peace & love for all, regardless of their faith. In order to promote this, the MSA held an interfaith solidarity prayer on Nov 3rd and will be hosting other solidarity & interfaith events in the upcoming semester to prove that this campus is full of loving people who support the community.

I would like to conclude by inviting others to join the MSA, whether they be Muslim or of another faith, as we are open and eager for other members who are non-Muslim as well. The stigma placed on Muslims and our faith has made it difficult for some students to openly express their identity. As a result, we have to make it a priority for MSA to be all inclusive. We want students to know they will not be judged in our organization.

If anyone is interested in reaching out to the MSA they may contact us at muslimclub@manhattan.edu or email me directly at rali01@manhattan.edu . We can also be found on Instagram and Facebook as Manhattan MSA on both platforms.


Rabea Ali & The Muslim Student Association