Men’s Soccer Wins Against Niagara on Senior Day

By Mohsin Ahmed, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, the men’s soccer team celebrated senior day as they versed Niagara University– and won.

The Senior Ceremony is a celebration of the seniors on their last home game. It is the penultimate recognition of four years of being on a team, and a dedication to all they mean to the team. Families of the seniors come from all over the world to show their love and support.

Groups stood out the most in their commemoration of this sensational shining moment.

One family, whose support stood out more than the others, was that of Jose Meza. His family was the epitome of pride. Jose’s siblings, his biggest fans, have had his number printed on their shirts, with a large pink heart dominating underneath; emanating the love and support they have for their big brother, their hero.

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The second outstanding form of support was that provided by the best friends of Joe Hulme. They gather around him, their arms encircling his shoulders and providing a bastion of comfort and sustenance. Their clear and evident pride at being able to be there for him propels them down the path, where Hulme accepts his picture frame, which certifies his accomplishment of four years.

The match began with a single blow of the referee’s whistle, and the whirlwind began almost instantly. The ball started in the control of Lucas Da Silva, who kept it from Niagara with a pass to Joe Hulme Joe makes it halfway to Manhattan’s goal on Niagara’s side before passing it Callum Carsley.

Ten minutes into the game and neither side is beginning to give way to the other. Tensions run amok as the first half peaks in the 18th minute. The first goal of the game is made by Manhattan’s very own Lucas Da Silva with an assist by Callum Carsley. At exactly 27:39 from the middle of the box, Lucas Da Silva’s seventh goal of the season caused the stands to erupt in cheer and his teammates gathered around him to recognize their combined domination of the Niagara team.

Manhattan College’s win over Niagara was marked by the sound signaling the end of all hope. Despite having been defeated, Niagara gave a tremendous effort, and their strength has earned them respect from Manhattan’s honorable Jaspers.

Jacob Wilkins, of our very own Jasper Sports Network, reported live from Gaelic Park following the Jaspers final home game of the year. He interviewed Meza and Coach Scott.

Screen shot 2017-10-29 at 12.35.19 PMThen, Wilkins turned to Coach Scott, and questionsedhow the team was able to clinch a win. What exactly does the Coach think it took? Coach Scott recalled this time last year when they played Francis Brooklyn and lost 2-1 while having been up 1-0. This year, during half-time, with the score once again 1-0, he mentioned talking to the players about how they had been in this exact situation the previous year.

He told them not to think about the referee or other players making mistakes. They had to stay positive, defend, be willing to run and work hard. Coach Scott praised the strength and endurance of his team. Even though they were down a man, and against a great team, his team was still incredible on the field. “It says a lot about their character.”

Coach Scott, is more than just a trainer at this point. He is practically a second father to many of them. He has known and trained Jose Meza and Troy Carrington since they were nine years old. Joe Hulme and Luke Greaves, played alongside each other in Bolton, England, when they were just seven years old. Ten years later they fly to America, on this journey, and then realize that they have played together before.

Coach Scott ends his response with a melancholy note and reiterates how far his teams has come and how much he will miss them.