Student Government Elects Mike Hackett as Sophomore Class VP

by Megan Dreher and August Kissel

Asst. Editor and Editor

At the end of last semester, Manhattan College welcomed in a new batch of Student Government officials. The Sophomore Class selected two vice presidents, one new and one returning. Both students elected were eager to work with each other and the entirety of the sophomore class.

Although, upon returning this fall semester, the Student Government officials found themselves short one member. Celeste Burns, one of the Sophomore Vice Presidents, notified Student Engagement that she accepted a study abroad opportunity in Spain, and stepped down from her position.

“Once we found out that one of them was studying abroad, they have to step down. We have it written in the Constitution that you have to be here physically on campus,” said John Bennett, Director of Student Engagement.

Following Burns’ withdrawal from her position, Student Government Officials, specifically Student Body President, Michaela Bishop, were then tasked with selecting a new Vice President to fill the spot left by Burns .

“Once student engagement knew about it, once Celeste had informed them about that, it was Michaela’s job to appoint someone to the position,” said Kerry Cavanaugh, Sophomore Vice President.

Following elections in the spring, students who wished to get involved in Student Government expressed their interest and informed student engagement of their wishes to fill any vacant positions in the future.

“A few students did show interest to us. So we did follow up and give Michaela and Student Government names of students that were interested in any open positions,” said Bennett.

The Student Government Officials also considered the students who ran for the position last semester. This included sophomore, Mike Hackett. Hackett, despite his loss last semester, still wished to stay involved in the campus community.

Bishop and the Student Government team took this into consideration as they were selecting the student to fill the position, and essentially when they offered Hackett the position.

“I was very happy (upon accepting the position), I ran because I wanted to be involved in Student Government. I really wanted to work alongside Kerry. I was very happy to have the opportunity to do so,” said Hackett

The two have a lot of plans for the class as the year progresses.

“This year, I think Mike and I are trying to come up with better ways to contact them (the students) and find better way to hear them out. So that they know that they have a voice,” said Cavanaugh.

The role of the Freshman and Sophomore vice presidents is to be the voice for the underclassmen students.

“With pretty much all events on campus, it is our job to announce them to our class. As well as listen and understand all of their concerns that may come up in all aspects of campus life,” said Cavanaugh

“Kerry and I were very close friends last year and this year as well. We will be able to spread the word. Reach out to all of the students and hear about their concerns, by using different methods. And some of the same ways as last year, like holding meetings” added Hackett.