Freshman Gabby Fanning Takes on Jaspers Cross Country

By Alexa Schmidt, Staff Writer

Freshman Gabby Fanning is a biology major, who is a also a member of the cross country team. Originally from from Cornwall, N.Y., Gabby seeks to succeed as a student-athlete. Although she may be injured at the moment, she does not let that hold her back. She has been training as much as possible, and expects to compete for the indoor season.

The Quadrangle: When did you start cross country and how did you get into it?

Gabby Fanning: I started cross country my junior year of high school. I’m still sort of new to it. I started running it because I started running the 800 [in outdoor track] a couple months before, and my coaches said it would help me. So I stopped playing volleyball and started running cross country.

TQ: Was Manhattan College your first choice to run out?

GF: Yeah, I kind of knew like once I stepped on campus, I wanted to go here. I was torn between here and another school, but I knew I ultimately wanted to go here.

TQ: Is running for a Division 1 school different than your high school experience?

GF: I think it’s better because Coach Gallagher is great. It’s a lot of structure.

TQ: What other clubs or activities do you want to join?

GF: I’m on the Student Court actually, and I would like to get into other things, just because in high school I didn’t really have the time to. So I really want to get into more things, but I’m just not sure what yet.

TQ: How has balancing schoolwork and sports been going?

GF: It’s kind of hard. It was fine until this week, it kind of all just hit me now, but I think it’ll be okay. It’s hard, but I think it’s manageable.

TQ: How has the team been?

GF: I love them. Yeah, they’re great.

TQ: What do you hope to gain from this experience?

GF: I hope to get a lot better with good training. Also, time management and friends for the rest of my life!

Fanning continues to be a contributing member of the cross country team. Although she’s only a freshman, she still has a long and winding road ahead of her filled with numerous opportunities.