Sanctus Artem to Showcase On-Campus Talent at Art Show

by Gabriella DePinho & Shannon Gleba

Staff Writers

Sanctus Artem, a young art collaborative on Manhattan College’s campus, will be hosting their first art show as an official MC club on Oct. 21 in Hayden 100.

The art show will feature submissions from students, faculty and community members, covering a wide array of art forms. The submissions include paintings, drawings, pottery, graphic design, film, poetry, dance, music and other performances. In addition, there will be fashion shows to showcase the design submissions Sanctus Artem has received.

Visual and performing arts department chairperson, Mark Pottinger, Ph.D., acts as the faculty advisor for Sanctus Artem and identifies himself as a sounding board for the student leaders of the collaborative. He credits the student leaders with the biggest role in planning the art show, specifically the president of the organization, Kelsey Quartulli.

Pottinger said, “Art History major Kelsey Quartulli has such a wonderful commitment to the art show and her fellow students that it has been a true joy to work with her. Kelsey’s ability to channel the creative energy of all the contributors of the art show into a cohesive, exciting multi-media showcase will ensure that this year’s art show will be a great success.”

Visual and performing arts professor, Marisa Lerer, Ph.D., also provided her support to the leadership of Sanctus Artem with technical support for the visual art exhibition component and her knowledge of curation.

“I can’t emphasize enough that the art show is truly created and produced by Kelsey, David [Valentin], and the other students who are involved in its organization,” said Lerer, “They have generously lent their boundless creativity, intellect and valuable time to organize and execute the show for the campus community.”

Quartulli, a junior majoring in art history and peace studies, founded the collaborative last school year during the spring semester.  “Sanctus Artem” was chosen as the name for the organization because it means “pure arts” in Latin.

Commenting on the goal of Sanctus Artem, Quartulli said, “We’re striving to have a more artistic campus and find that omnipresent voice on campus for everyone to connect to and have that same central focus of creating something and having something to express themselves with… a community for everyone to do that safely and have nice lasting friendships and also to network with their art.”

In addition to Quartulli, junior David Valentin has also played a large part in the organization of the art show. He finds it very important to give artists on Manhattan College’s campus a safe place and time to express themselves through their work. In preparations for the art show, Sanctus Artem hosted workshops for contributing artists.

“The big thing we want to do with the workshops is to give them time to work on art even if it’s not for the art show,” said Valentin.

The club invites the community to come support the displaying artists on Oct. 21 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the bottom floor of Hayden Hall. Admission is free and refreshments will be provided.

“The MC community can expect to see and experience the intermedia creativity that flourishes on campus,” said Lerer.