Meet the New Scatterbombers

The Scatterbomb show on Sept. 29, entitled “Nothing to See Here,” welcomed two new members to the improvisational comedy troupe on campus. It was a show full of milk jug chugging, honey nut cheerio eating and white t-shirts. Two other new members had their first show back on Sept. 8 at “Scatterbomb Accidentally Kisses Mom on the Mouth at Move-In.” Scatterbomb holds auditions at the end of the spring semester and beginning of the fall semester every year.


Jennifer Bueti, Freshman

Major: English Education

How did you like your first Scatterbomb show?

“It was fun, I actually really liked it a lot. I was nervous at first, but now it’s good.”

Why did you decide to audition for Scatterbomb in the first place?

“One of my friends actually brought it up to me. I didn’t know who Scatterbomb were at first, but then we went to the auditions together and they seemed like a really cool group.”

How have you liked your Scatterbomb experience so far?

“I love it. They make me feel like a part of them, like we’re one big family and it’s really nice.”


Kat Prevo, Junior

Major: Secondary Education

Why did you join Scatterbomb?

“I’m an athlete, I play on the softball team, and it was just a way to have a different interest and a different outlet when you’re wrapped up in the academics and sports and everything going on in college. This was a very nice outlet and

 I felt very comfortable. The team was very welcoming and it’s kind of just like a new family here at Manhattan College.”

Have you ever done anything like Scatterbomb in high school?

“I was in drama class in high school, but honestly no. This is my first experience and I kind of just winged it and I’ve learned a lot. Improv is not something you can just make up, or not prepare for, so I feel really grateful that I’m actually learning things every week through this club.”



Aedan Roney, Freshman

Major: Communication

How did you like your fist Scatterbomb show?

“It was an excellent debut, I had a lot of fun and everybody’s great to work with and I had an awesome time.”

Why did you decide to audition for Scatterbomb in the first place?

“I did some improv back in high school and I really enjoyed myself and I wasn’t sure if I was going to join or no when I came on campus, but then I saw somebody walking around with a t-shirt and thought it was really cool. Thought I would [audition] and A, join the group, and B, get a t-shirt.”

How have you liked your Scatterbomb experience so far?

“It’s been perfect, it’s been more than amazing. Everybody immediately accepted me and immediately brought me and Jenn (Bueti) into that community. I’ve had a lot of fun with the improv, and a lot of fun getting to know everyone.”



Erin McWilliams, Sophomore

Major: Chemical Engineering

How have you liked your Scatterbomb experience so far?

“Honestly, it’s one of the most positive, fun, and energetic environments that I’ve ever been in. It’s just really relaxing and it’s great being able to be goofy and making jokes all the time.”

Why did you audition for Scatterbomb in the first place?

“I like comedy a lot, and everyone loves a good laugh. I love constantly making jokes.”

Have you had previous experiences like this in high school?

“No, this was something I’ve tried out only because it just something that made me happy doing in day-to-day life.”