MCTV, Looking for Consistency, Holds First Production

By John Jackson, Staff Writer

Manhattan College’s communication department possesses a hidden gem on campus. That gem is the television studio located on the second floor of Leo Hall. While students who take broadcasting courses are quite familiar with the lab, other students may not be all too familiar.

Manhattan College upgraded the studio in 2016 to include 4K equipment, as reported in The Quadrangle last year. It became the first higher education broadcast studio to have 4K technology in the New York City metro area.

Students who did not take broadcasting courses had the opportunity to work in the studio if they joined Manhattan College Television. The only problem was that MCTV was not a club that met on a consistent basis. However, seniors Gabriella Girgis, Erica Cellucci, and Cameron Cullen have set out to make MCTV a club that does indeed meet on a regular basis.

“My freshman year first semester was the only time we had MCTV,” said Girgis, president of MCTV. “After, it was done. Same thing for [my] sophomore year and junior year. This year Erica and I have found a set schedule so we finally have a set time, two days a week.”

The first production of the semester was held on Wednesday, Sept. 13. Students piled into the studio and either observed or worked with the equipment. Some of the students were new to the studio and were shown the ropes by one of the upperclassmen who had learned these skills a few years prior in their studio production class.

Cellucci felt the production went well considering many students came into the studio for the first time.

“Pretty good for having people that weren’t that experienced with the equipment,” Cellucci said in regards to how the production went. “I think that a few more times of this when they have a little bit more practice [and] it’ll go really quickly.”

The production itself was a show called “Jasper Corner”. The show was inspired by “Cam’s Corner” a show Cullen created on YouTube for his advanced television production class he took during the fall 2016 semester.

While the videos he needed to make for the class didn’t have to be anything complex, Cullen still wanted to put a lot of effort in them as he has passion for the broadcasting industry. He ended up producing multiple videos at called “Cam’s Corner,” “Cam’s Call” and “Cam’s Calendar.”

The vision for “Jasper Corner” was to have a five minute interview and three segments. Two of the segments will be “Cam’s Call” and “Cam’s Calendar” from Cullen’s YouTube channel. The third segment is planned to be called “RA After Hours”.

During Wednesday’s production, the new members of the club helped shoot part of the first episode of “Jasper Corner.” The episode is expected to come out in the first week of October on the club’s new YouTube channel: JasperTV.

Michael Grabowski, Ph.D., is the faculty advisor for MCTV. He has been helpful in different areas for the three seniors through the process of trying to revive MCTV.

“He gave us all the paperwork to be approved by student activities to be an actual club so we get some funding in,” said Cellucci. “He’s helped us with things we are still unsure about.”

Cullen, who wants to have a career in broadcasting, has had the opportunity of getting to know many professors during his time at Manhattan. He views his experience with the communication department as a positive one.

“When you put in the hard work and get to know these professors, they have nothing but the best advice for you and they’ll give you all the tips that you need,” said Cullen. “And I had every single professor so far and there’s not a negative thing I can really say about any of them.”

Cullen’s passion for television is something he wants share with his fellow Jaspers –  which makes MCTV all the more meaningful to him.

“I just wanted to make an opportunity here,” said Cullen.

Cullen, Cellucci, and Girgis will be running the club in the television studio on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the semester.