Best, Gourmet or J-Del? The Deli Showdown

Being away for the school break means being away from some of the best comfort food. Jaspers love a good panini late at night or simply a bagel when it’s bright and early. Best Deli, Gourmet Market & Bagel and Jasper’s Deli are some of the few delis around Manhattan College that students prefer. Even though they might seem like regular delis to the majority of the Riverdale community, they mean so much more to Jaspers.

Most of the students first tried Jasper’s Deli, because, “go Jaspers!” said Olivia Gartland.

Gartland, a junior, usually gets a grilled chicken avocado wrap, and if it’s during breakfast, she gets an iced coffee. The delis around campus are a great part of the community in which Jaspers live, and they become a place for amazing college memories.

“One of the Gourmet Deli workers gave me free iced coffee refills,” said Gartland. “Such a kind man.”

For some like Gartland, delis are a matter of convenience.

“I end up choosing where I want to go depending on where I’m going or which one I’m passing by,” Gartland said.

Jasper DeliBut for some like Allison Hickey, it’s a matter of who provides the best service.

“All delis in the Bronx are great. I’ve really never ordered anything that didn’t taste good from any of them,” said Hickey.

“I tend to prefer Gourmet Bagel because I love the people there. They are always so friendly and accommodating. My friend was visiting and they gave her a student discount without even showing her ID because the guard in Horan still had hers. Stuff like that is why I like to give them my business,” said Hickey.

With so much competition between delis in a college area, it is the small details that count.

“They charged me $1.50 for a bagel with cream cheese once…you really can’t beat that!” said Hickey.

Some of Hickey’s favorites in Jasper’s Deli are “The Priya” and “The Tom Kelly”, while at Best Deli, she’ll always order “The Benson” or the “Stoner’s Delight”, the latter being a favorite of many MC students.

Another famous sandwich in the Jasper community is the “Fat Bitch” from Jasper’s Deli.

“I like to get it late at night, after Fenwick’s,” said Abigail Kloosterman, a senior.

Kloosterman’s best deli memories are at Jasper’s Deli and Best Deli.

“They’re both just go-to places for everyone. You’ll always run into someone you know,” said Kloosterman.

Gourmet BagelJunior Samantha Monfils’ preferred spot, on the other hand, is Best Deli.

“I remember specifically one time I was walking with my friends to Best Deli when it started raining, and all of a sudden, the guys behind the counter saw how wet we were, so they handed us a roll of paper towels to dry ourselves off, and it was the funniest thing to us,” Monfils said. “Everyone was laughing and having a good time”.

According to Monfils, the workers at Best Deli are “friendlier and much nicer than all the other delis.” But when it comes to wanting something greasy, she’ll go to Jasper’s Deli.

“If I want something more fresh-tasting and overall more healthy, I’ll go to Best Deli,” Monfils said.

Each deli has its own personality and, according to Manhattan College students, a different feel. Gourmet Market seems to be the go-to place for breakfast, while Best Deli is the place to go for a higher quality meal. Jasper’s Deli, however, is the overall winner amongst the college community for the munchies after a night out.

The decision between the three is a difficult one, and so the only solution is to try them all.