De La Salle Hall Renovation Updates

Clouds of dust, blue canvas hanging from the ceiling and a dark and muddy ambiance combined to create De La Salle Hall renovations.

The work lasted around three months and was ready right before the semester started, welcoming the class of 2021 and the returning students with a fresh look.

“I really like it. I think it looks very fresh with the wood and the new lights,” said Cristina Franz, senior student. “It looks like we are finally in the twenty-first century, very professional.”

This effort wouldn’t have been possible without the support of a key person: Peter Musumeci Jr. Musumeci, a Manhattan College alumni and part of the Board of Trustees of the college.

“He’s been very supportive of the school in lots of different ways,” said Dr. Janet Rovenpor, dean of the School of Business. “Not only has he made possible the renovation of the floor but he supports experiential learning through other projects.”

These experiential learning opportunities are mainly study abroad trips like the one made to Peru this past summer or the upcoming one to India during the winter intersession.

Not only the hallway got a facelift. Two classrooms were renovated, the finance lab was expanded and a new lounge was built from scratch with input from large companies.

“Salwa [Ammar], the provost [William Clyde] and Amira [Annabi] were very involved in coming up with the design,” said Dr. Rovenpor. “They did go to Google, to JP Morgan Chase to get inspiration about what the ground floor would look like.”

With these new changes, Dr. Rovenpor hopes that not only the School of Business will be able to accommodate more students, but that it will open up to other schools. With the expansion of the finance lab, students from other schools will be able to learn how to work with Bloomberg, the financial software used in Wall Street.

Another upcoming project for the School of Business is the improvement of the Strategy, Innovation and Leadership Center (SILC), previously the tutoring center. Here, all students from MC can go in case they have ideas for new business and discuss it with peers and experts that might help them to pass their ideas from paper to real life.

The new space at the east side of the hallway is an interactive room filled with TVs, floor-to-ceiling whiteboards and cameras to have video conferences. This room can be used for multiple purposes: from a class to a team meeting or a discussion.

These renovations are only the tip of the iceberg for the Manhattan College future. From minor details to the construction of the South Campus, everything has as a final goal to improve the experience of the current students and to serve as an attraction for upcoming classes.

“What’s exciting about this is that it sets a standard and this one in particular serves as a model that we can build upon,” said Dr. Rovenpor. “Now we can take it floor by floor.”

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  1. Good job, now how about a communications lab for developing skills used in business and marketing presentations. These skills are what generally get you ahead in getting a job and growing in it

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