Sophomore Brittany O’Malley: A Model Student

By Abby Crowell, Staff Writer

Being a college student is difficult on its own— between juggling schoolwork, a social life, mental health and of course an effective sleep schedule. Daring to add a modeling career into the heavy schedule of any student is intimidating and seemingly impossible; yet, sophomore Brittany O’Malley, a communication major, is proving to make the double life appear easy.

Since its creation in 1892, Vogue Magazine has been a holy grail within the fashion world. While students were enjoying the previous spring break, O’Malley received the impressive news through Instagram that a photo of her had been published on Vogue’s website, resulting in a spring break she will never forget.

BrittanyOMalley2.jpgFor most models in the industry, becoming signed and scouted by a modeling agency is an achievement that takes years of work; but, Brittany O’Malley landed a perfect opportunity.

When asked how and when she got into modeling, O’Malley replied, “It was an accident.”


O’Malley was the president of her high school theatre program and was focused on becoming an actress; however, her 5’9 height was quite the advantage when a commercial agency assumed she was a model and not an actress.

Eventually, O’Malley was scouted during her appearance in the Providence Fashion Week when she was just a senior in high school.

O’Malley is currently signed to Surface Model Management and frequently jumps on the subway to travel to casting calls and photoshoots around the city.

“My agency has my school schedule, so I get modeling opportunities when I have gaps in between classes. Castings can be around Times Square or Soho, so I always do homework on the subway rides.”

The young model was deciding among colleges in New York and Los Angeles, but Manhattan College proved to be her favorite.

Although the modeling industry is notorious for being demanding, O’Malley remains optimistic by focusing on her favorite parts of modeling.

“My favorite part of modeling is meeting different types of people. All the hair stylists, makeup artists, and photographers work together to create a project. All kinds of creative people put their work into creating one project.”

Being a full time student as well as a successful model has its challenges. Its biggest one? Sleep. O’Malley confessed the most difficult part is finding time to sleep between all her work, off and on the runway.

When she’s not sleeping, Brittany O’Malley exceeds expectations by singing in the acapella group, the Manhattones, babysitting, writing for Lotus Magazine, and contributing her outgoing personality as a sister in the Sigma Delta Tau sorority.

Modeling and schoolwork takes up the majority of O’Malley’s time; therefore, it is important she plans her time wisely. O’Malley made it clear that school always takes priority.

“School is priority, but if I receive a big modeling job, I talk to my professor and miss a class. I always make sure to go to class so I can take a day off if a job comes up.”

BrittanyOMalley1.jpgWhen asked if her professors are understanding regarding her hectic schedule, O’Malley revealed that most professors are supportive, especially those who are communication professors because they understand the difficult industry of media and modeling.

The future appears very bright for O’Malley due to her hard work, passion, and love for the business. It is not exactly clear what O’Malley will be doing after she graduates from MC; however, she has some ideas.

“I am a communication major with a concentration in advertisement[sic]. I don’t exactly know what I’ll do yet. My minor is business management, so I would like to incorporate modeling into what I am studying.”

O’Malley hopes her experience on the catwalk and behind the scenes of a photoshoot will contribute to her success in internships or the advertising world.

While MC students prepare for midterms and due dates, Brittany O’Malley will be preparing for the most hectic week of her year: New York City Fashion Week. O’Malley serves as a perfect example of how it is in fact possible to be a hard working student while simultaneously following and achieving career goals.