Notes from the Editor

Dear Reader,

It’s been an exciting first week at Manhattan College.

By the time you get to where I am in my college career- junior year- most of the excitement of coming to college has gone away. Instead, I’ve just had a lot of homework.

In this week’s paper, we have a pretty good mix of stories.

We’ve got extensive coverage on the newly rebranded “Quadchella” concert. Taylor Brethauer and I were able to get an exclusive interview with the headliner, JoJo, of “Aquamarine” and “Too Little, Too Late” fame. The show also featured a couple of performances from some student artists, and all-in-all, it really showcased our campus’ artists in a very cool way, and I enjoyed the event.

We’re also covering how Jaspers are reacting to the record-setting disaster Hurricane Harvey disaster in East Texas. We also have coverage of a change in the student hiring process and a student’s exciting internship with the Oakland Athletics.

Thank you so much for your continued trust and readership. Have a good week.


Stephen Zubrycky

Editor in Chief