Summer of 2017 Leaves its Mark at M.C.

Death of Brother Ray

As reported by the Quadrangle on July 18, former visiting assistant professor of education, Brother Raymond Meagher, F.S.C, passed away that morning.

Meagher had recently retired at the end of the previous school year after teaching at Manhattan College for 15 years.

Meagher taught many favorite education courses and also served as the counselor of the Mu Sigma chapter of Kappa Delta Pi.

The Dean of Education and Health, Karen Nicholson, Ph.D. spoke on Meagher’s behalf in a phone interview.

“I would say that he was a very committed and dedicated educator who made a huge difference in the lives of students, and to the lives of those of us who knew and worked with him […] He loved what he did,” said Nicholson.

A viewing was held at the Christian Brothers Residence on Friday, July 21. On the following day, a second viewing was held at the Chapel of De LaSalle and His Brothers with a funeral mass afterwards.

Summer Maintenance and Parkway Repaving

Reports of façade maintenance, among other renovations and projects, were sent out to students via email throughout the summer months.

Locations, as stated in an email sent out by Public Safety on July 25, included the North and East sides of De La Salle Hall as well as the North and West sides of Memorial Hall, which extended into the De La Salle Archway. The end date of the construction has not yet been determined.

Another email was sent out the day prior, July 24, stating that the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) would begin repaving Manhattan College Parkway between Broadway and Waldo Avenue.

Public Safety sent out the email multiple times, with advice on where to park as the new pavement was laid.

De La Salle Updates

De La Salle Hall received updates throughout the summer months, completely changing the look of the academic building.

The building, which houses the School of Business, was the next step in the Master Plan which stretches from small touch-ups to the creation of the South Campus, which is expected to be complete within the next few years.

Changes included moving the Stock Market ticker in one of the business classes to the front entryway, giving the hall and classrooms a more modern look and also the creation of what the interim Dean of Business, Janet Rovenpor, called at the time, “Collaborative Workspace[s]”.

“Ten Man” Suites Gone in Horan

The Office of Residence Life got rid of the ten-person suites in Horan Hall over the summer. These suites, commonly referred to as “ten mans”, were located at opposite ends of each floor and could hold up to ten residents. Only last year were female residents allowed to occupy these rooms.

Resident Assistants (RAs) were told that these suites were causing too many problems and were often the location of loud parties during the weekends, resulting in copious student write-ups.

In Horan now, the front door of what used to be the large suite has been taken off of its hinges. Study rooms like the ones in Lee Hall are now available for the entire building to use, but were originally a two-person bedroom in the ten-person suite.