Manhattan and Lotus Magazines Release

By Shannon Silvia, Contributor

The end of the semester means the release of two student publications on the Manhattan College campus. Veteran publication Manhattan Magazine will be releasing its 27th volume while up-and-coming publication Lotus Magazine will be releasing its first.

The team behind Manhattan Magazine is hard at work making sure everything is perfect before the latest issue is released on May 5.

According to the magazine’s editor-in-chief Kieran Rock, “one thing that I’ve tried to do with my staff  over the last two years is just make sure the quality of the content that was in the magazine is really high. And I think every year we’ve gotten more and more quality content inside the magazine which has been really exciting. And this year I think it’s the best it’s ever been.”

Manhattan Magazine may have been the only literary magazine on campus for a while but Rock is nothing but excited when it comes to the upcoming release of Lotus Magazine.

“[Manhattan Magazine] has been for a while the only literary magazine and publisher of creative student work on campus. This year you might have seen some newer student magazines are coming out. Lotus in particular is having a lot success. So we’re sort of losing our only magazine thing which is really great I think,” said Rock.

Coeditor-and-chief and founder of Lotus Magazine Olivia Paladino is buzzing with excitement over the release of the magazine which should be out within the next week.

When asked about her inspiration behind Lotus, Paladino said, “I wanted to be a part of something that wasn’t like what was offered here on campus. I felt there was a need to have a better concentration on strong women. I had the idea to start Lotus for quite some time now, and this past fall I decided it was time to finally start it. Empowered women, empower women, you know? I just felt this would be the best way to implement that motive.”

The magazine covers ranges of topics all geared towards women. Whether you are looking to read up on extremely important issues like rape culture or just learn some fun beauty tips, Lotus will have it all.

When asked what readers could expect to see from the upcoming issue Multimedia Director Alison Adrat said, “It’s a lifestyle magazine so it ranges from rape culture, […], cute tips to decorating your dorm room, cheap makeup that you can get at drugstores from like Rite Aid, a bunch of do it yourself tutorials, skin care, a bunch of different things like that.”

Unlike any magazine in Manhattan College history Lotus magazine is specifically aimed towards women with the goal of empowering them. Both magazines will be released to students and staff of the college by the end of the semester.

“Lotus Magazine is a magazine that is meant to empower all women to feel good about themselves.  We want to promote all the good things ladies are doing here at MC, and we also will bring in Alumni women to see how far they have come in their life.  We bring attention certain situations that women face that no one else has done before,” Katherine Compton, section editor and managing editor said.

Kieran Rock is a senior writer for The Quadrangle.