Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

I write you this week from the peak of Freytag’s Pyramid. My sophomore year is up, and so is the first semester of my term as Editor-in-Chief. So, in a lot of ways, this particular finals week represents a lot more for me than the past three – in that I’ll be crossing the threshold into the second half of my college career and my editorship.

Just before I left for school in 2015, one of the customers in the grocery store I worked at told me that college would be – literally – the “best four years of my life.” So far, they’ve lived up to the hype.

It’s gone incredibly fast, and I can only imagine that the next two years will fly by even faster.

Confronting the finality of our experience can be difficult, but I consider it an important motivator for me.

We only rent this place, and eventually our four-year lease will be up. These days belong to us, and it’s only up to us to make the most of them.

Enjoy the summer.

All the Best,

Stephen Zubrycky

Editor in Chief