Students Get Creative with Fashion & Music Show on the Quad

By Jeremy Loffredo, Staff Writer

On Saturday evening, Apr 28, students gathered on the Quad to check out their peers’ creative endeavors during the student-organized Celebration of Art Fashion Show. The show featured everything from paintings and music to student-designed clothing and apparel.

“It’s just nice to see MC students coming, listening to music, and enjoying the beautiful weather,” said Cameron Gibbons, a junior sociology student.

Sarah Lazarus, a sophomore engineering student, struck a similar tone and said, “The whole thing is really a great idea. I think students at Manhattan College often have a really creative side that they don’t get to express on campus as much as they would like, but this show gives them the perfect platform.”

Brother Robert Berger, echoing the sentiments expressed by Lazarus, said that the show had “great energy and gives students an excellent outlet for expressing themselves outside of the academic realm.”

Screen shot 2017-04-30 at 7.27.23 PM.png

Many students in attendances came in support of their friends, but some found themselves partaking in the festivities after hearing their favorite music being played in the distance.

Reilly Semour and her friends were one such example, and Semour told The Quadrangle that “were literally in Chrysostom Hall about to order Chinese food… [when] they heard the new Kendrick Lamar album just blasting from the Quad. We didn’t know what was going on but I definitely don’t regret coming to check it out.” Semour said this while making their way to the complimentary cupcakes and coffee table.

Although some students were unaware of the Fashion Show, Christian Bennett, a DJ for the event and one its coordinators, along with junior Ryan Quattromani, explained that it was the culmination of months of planning.

“Last semester, we had sort of a test run in the bottom of Hayden, and everyone seemed really into it, so we got permission to organize this one. For the last six months, we all have been meeting and throwing around ideas and collaborating with MC artists. I think everyone is really happy with how it turned out,” Bennett explained.

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Some of the night’s musical performances included Kelsey Quartulli’s original acoustic rendition of Britney Spears’ 2004 hit song Toxic and former Manhattan student Mereoni Rabukawaqa’s performance of both an original song and Beyoncé’s hit Drunk in Love.

“My cousin played Drunk in Love on a ukulele once, and I loved how it sounded,” Rabukawaqa explained. “I grabbed my guitar started trying different stuff out, got little experimental, and now it’s my go-to crowd pleaser.”

Also on display were hats that have seemingly become exceedingly popular with Manhattan students in recent times: Apex Hats. Usually simplistic with a box logo that features the words “petty” or “savage.” According to student Malik Grant the creator of Apex Hats, over 800 hats have been sold and his newest business venture – selling hoodies – has sold out quickly.

Regarding the Fashion Show’s impact, Grant, a graduating senior, believes that an annual spring arts event will be yet another thing for which students can look forward and added that “this could be the new thing. This is another end of year event that MC students can hangout and bond over, and at the same time it allows the campus creatives to express themselves.”