On Campus Fashion Finds

By Lauren Schuster, Staff Writer


Ben Wojick is a freshman majoring in marketing from Buffalo, N.Y. He sat down and discussed his style with us.

The Quadrangle: How would you describe your style?

Ben Wojick: I would probably describe my style as city chic, I guess, but it depends, because I’m from Buffalo, so I don’t really dress the same at home as I would when I’m shopping in the city. So, when I’m here, it’s more city/urban-y type of clothes and when I’m home it’s definitely more preppy, I guess.

TQ: How did you notice your style change as you grew older?

BW: Well, definitely coming to college was a big change. [I was] moving to a bigger city where there’s not only more options for shopping, but you can wear more things because there’s more opportunities to do things, stuff like that. But I’ve definitely matured this year especially in how I’ve dressed and I’ve come to enjoy it more too, picking out outfits and stuff.

TQ: Would you wear what you wore in high school now?

BW: Never, no! I went to an all-boys private school, so not only did I have to wear a shirt and tie, but I had to wear ugly shirts and ties every single day! So, as soon as I graduated last year I went right to the Salvation Army and was like “Take all of this away from me!” I mean, some of the stuff I would probably wear like maybe a button down [shirt] or something like that but [generally] not my style. Khakis and loafers? No thanks!

TQ: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

BW: Well, Zara is probably my favorite place to go, but they’re expensive sometimes. I love Topshop too, because they have really good sales. I love American Apparel, especially now that they’re closing because I’ve gotten so much stuff on sale. J. Crew I really like for some stuff, and then H&M and Forever21 for basics and stuff like that.

TQ: Tell us where your outfit is from!

BW: My sweater is Topman but it’s from Nordstrom, my jeans are just from Forever21, my shoes are from Topman too, then my watch is Michael Kors, my rings are from Topman as well, and then this [pouch] is from Louis Vuitton.

TQ: If you were given $1,000 to spend in one store, where would you spend it and why?

BW: Honestly, I would probably have to pick Zara, because I feel like every time I go there I always say to my friends “If I had a million dollars I would just buy every single thing here,” because, I don’t know, it’s just such fast fashion that I want to buy it all, but I know that [after] spending $300 on a jacket I won’t wear it enough to pay for it, but with $1,000 I would just swipe, swipe, swipe!

TQ: How do you plan your outfits?

BW: So, for class, I never dress up, never ever. I am always wearing sweats and a hoodie, just because honestly, I feel like it’s because I went to a boys school where I had a uniform to wear every day, I kind of just was sort of used to throwing the same thing on every single day. So, it takes a lot of effort for me to try to put an outfit together. So, I usually think about what I’m doing that day. So, if I’m going into the city, [I think about] what I’m doing, whether I’m going out to eat, and just sort of how I want to feel that day, I guess. When I go into the city, I also always dress like I’m going to see a celebrity. So I think to myself, “What am I going to want to be wearing in the picture, my selfie with so-and-so?”

TQ: What is your favorite piece of clothing?

BW: I would have to say I love jackets. My tiny wardrobe in Lee Hall is jam packed with probably like, twenty different jackets. I just like them the best I think, of any piece of clothing, because it changes an outfit completely. You could be wearing the same thing and just change your jacket, and then change something that was plain in and of itself and make it completely different. I like that. I also am obsessed with sunglasses and fake glasses too. I have a ton of fake glasses and sunglasses too, just because it’s an easy thing to add to an outfit.