Student Government Inaugural Dinner

by August Kissel and Megan Dreher

Editor and Asst. Editor

On Monday, April 10, the newly elected Student Government officials gathered together at the annual Inaugural Dinner to celebrate their victories and to step into their new positions. Family, friends, and faculty of the college attended the event as the students were welcomed warmly to the Student Engagement team.

The night entailed hors d’oeuvres, a buffet dinner, and a performance by members of the jazz band. The elected officials enjoyed the dinner after they took oath, promising to “protect, defend, and preserve Manhattan College’s bylaws” earlier in the day.

“The Inauguration itself was a very rewarding experience as we took the oath of office. It was nice to see all of our hard work pay off and to take the oath united as a team,” said Representative of Educational Affairs, Kaitlyn von Runnen.

The event brought students and faculty together in a celebratory manner, something that the representatives of the student body enjoyed.

“We were honored to have many members of the administration and faculty attend the Inaugural Dinner,” said Vice President of the Sophomore class Celeste Burns. Burns was elected this past semester and will be joining Kerry Cavanaugh as they work together in leading the sophomore class.

The new student body president, Micaela Bishop, also gave a speech at the event, addressing her team while conveying her hopes for bettering the campus.

Bishop and her administration represent a rare case in which their entire slate won the election. The team has collectively ensured that they will be working closely with Student Engagement to better Manhattan College.

“The Jasper Pack is very eager to work with the MC community. Our intentions are to continue to work closely with Student Engagement in order to continue to bring events to campus that students would like to see. We would like to improve annual events by utilizing student feedback,” von Runnen said.

Also in her speech, Bishop took a moment to appreciate the work of the old administration during the past year. “Micaela Bishop gave an eloquent speech highlighting all that Student Government has accomplished this past year under Dorian Persaud along with her hopes for the upcoming school year under her administration,” said Cavanaugh.

“The reception was an amazing conclusion to the day,” added von Runnen.

All in all, the student government team viewed the night as a success.

“I felt that it was a strong celebration of the Jasper spirit and Lasallian tradition and union of the student body and the administration,” said Representative of Residential Affair, Patrick Estanbouli.

The dinner was a night for the team to come together, present their goals and plans for the year, and enjoy the victory that had just taken place.

It was a very special moment for all of us,” said Burns.

The new administration is gearing up for a strong start to the fall semester.
The Jasper Pack as one unified group along with the representatives bring various talents, characteristics, backgrounds, and ideas to Student Government that I think will change that I think will bring various positive changes and motions to the school for the benefit of the student body,” said Estanbouli.