Jasmine Davis’ 400-m Success

Jasmine Davis, a sophomore sprinter on the Women’s Track and Field team, recently claimed first place at the Dennis Craddock Carolina Relays in North Carolina. The relay served as a season opener meet for the outdoor women and men’s teams. Coming from Ronkonkoma, NY, Davis has been mastering the 400m run since high school. She is looking forward to rest of the season and breaking her personal record.

The Quadrangle: You just took first place at the Track and Field season opener in North Carolina. How did that feel?

Jasmine Davis: Unexpected. I had a kind of rough indoor season so going into the first meet especially coming off of spring break where we were in North Carolina, a different atmosphere, and the weather wasn’t that great, and training was kind of off, and eating was off; so actually winning was a surprise to me, and probably my coach.

TQ: You won in the 400m race. Do you run any other races?

JD: Not really. I could run the 200m but I’m not a 200m runner, I’m more of a 400m, and that’s it. 4×4 400, that’s where I stay.

TQ: What do you expect the outdoor season to be like?

JD: I feel like it’s going to be good. Training is a little bit rough because of the weather but I feel like I’m getting back to my old self. Last year I wasn’t really in it because of injuries, and this year I’m actually pretty healthy so I’m expecting it to be pretty good.

TQ: Do you have strong competition in this category?

JD: Oh, definitely. There’s one for sure, from Monmouth University. She’s the 500m ECAC champ, she’s someone to look out for.

TQ: Do you have any personal goals for the season?

JD: Breaking 56 seconds. I was there in high school; I was 56.04 in the 400m. If you hit anything under 58 seconds, you’re good, but I want to break 56 seconds to be at least equal to my senior year last race.