Baseball Pitcher Joe Jacques

Q: When did you start playing baseball?

A: I started playing at about 4-5 years old.  I joined my first teeball team back when I lived in Nasvhille and have been playing ever since.

Q: What is your favorite MLB team and why?

A: New York Yankees.  I used to go to a bunch of their games growing up, and still do.  Plus, how can you not be a fan of Derek Jeter

Q: What age did you start pitching?

A: I always pitched and played outfield or first base, but once my junior year of high school came I started focusing on pitching solely.

Q: A lot of student athletes live far from home, is it nice to play relatively close to where you grew up?

A:  It’s really nice because my friends and family can come to the games and share the college baseball experience with me.  Having a big support system only enhanced that experience for me.

Q: You made the team as a freshman walk-on and immediately began to contribute. Now, you are looking at the opportunity to play baseball at the next level, how does that feel?

A: It’s crazy to think that my career almost came to an end after high school because I had no offers to play college baseball.  Luckily, I made the team here at Manhattan and it has changed my life.  Now, that dream of playing professional baseball is changing from a dream to more of a reality.

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals?

A:  I have more in game rituals than I do pregame.  Such as, I drink a cup of water in between each inning and stack them all up throughout the game and they have to stay in the same spot.  Also, I touch the top of the dugout with my left hand for a 3 seconds before each inning.

Q: How have you felt about the team in the first few weeks?

A:  We are a championship caliber team.  No matter what our record is at this point, I have more confidence and expectations with this team than any other team I have been on.

Q: What is your mentality as you begin conference play this weekend

A:  The excitement is definitely through the roof.  This is the best time of year and we are ready to start dominating teams like we can.  All of us need to step up and perform at our top level.  I don’t see anyone beating us from this point on.