Students React to Red Mango Opening in Cafe 1853

If the scattered slips of paper in Locke’s Loft were any indication of something big happening, a brand new eatery on campus opened up on Mar. 20. Red Mango, the popular frozen yogurt and smoothie chain, has found its place on Manhattan College’s campus.

During spring break, Café 1853 underwent renovations to accommodate the frozen yogurt dispenser and toppings bar while the order counter has now become the location to order freshly made Red Mango smoothies. The usual premade sandwiches, salads and wraps, along with coffee are still available for purchase at the counter.

Students were treated to free yogurt when returning from spring break on Monday, Mar. 20 and multiple Jaspers were seen carrying around the Red Mango cups and spoons that day, regardless of the cold weather.

This is yet another addition to the eating choices on campus, after the arrival of “The One Sushi” under the company “Tong” in the Kelly Commons marketplace. The sushi can also be found at Yankee Stadium on the other side of the Bronx and has been a top choice for any busy student’s lunch.

The free yogurt was a great surprise to those who frequent Café 1853, such as junior Lucas DeBono, a commuter student who spends most of his time and meals in the café.

“I tried the original flavor and that’s all I’ve tried so far so I guess that’s my favorite […] to have the frozen yogurt station… it’s more than enough,” said DeBono.

There were only two choices, however—original tart frozen yogurt and a pomegranate flavor. Students hope these will be switched every once in a while but as for right now, there are plenty of topping combinations that even the pickiest eater would enjoy. Not to mention, it’s certainly a healthy alternative.

“I think it’s good to have stuff like Red Mango on campus because it’s like ice cream but healthier,” said sophomore Alyssa Sensi on the arrival of Red Mango.

The announcement of a Red Mango appeared on the social media of Gourmet Dining and as the opening date got closer, flyers were showing up and advertisements in Locke’s Loft were everywhere. Students wondered what the ad meant by “giveaways”, but it ended up being the free treat for their first day back to classes.

Red balloons led the way to Café 1853, where a line of eager students waited for their turn at the yogurt dispenser or stood in line at the counter for a smoothie taste test.

As Gourmet Dining continues to open up new options on campus, students are able to find something that fits their particular tastes. If a student doesn’t enjoy sushi, they are able to order a sandwich of their choice. Or if a student doesn’t want to wait in line for a smoothie, they could easily stop by the C-Store to grab a drink on their way to class. Or specifically, the addition of Red Mango allows those looking to eat healthier an option that other college campuses don’t have.

“It can be substituted for a meal because there are different flavors and there’s stuff like probiotics in it. [They’re] not turning us into a ‘healthy campus’ but they’re giving us healthier options than Jasper Deli or some of the food in Locke’s,” said Sensi.