Sandwich Calorie Count from Local Delis

By Jessica Quinn, Contributor

Jasper’s Deli, Best Deli, and Gourmet Market and Bagel are only a few of the many delis offering great sandwiches, burgers, and wraps around Manhattan College’s campus. But what many students do not know is the calorie count for their favorite guilty-pleasures and midnight snacks.

The Benson is one of the most purchased wraps at Best Deli. The wrap consists of spicy chicken cutlet, turkey, fried egg, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayo on a spinach wrap. This popular food choice is approximately seven hundred calories.

IMG_1800The Spicy Ali is a recent addition to Best Deli’s menu. This delicious creation is filled with chicken cutlet, hash browns, bacon, jalapenos, chipotle mayo, pepper jack cheese, and mozzarella sticks. With all of these ingredients combined into one, the calorie count is over one thousand.

“The Spicy Ali has so many good things inside of it and it’s named after me. There’s nothing not to like about it,” said Ali, the creator behind the popular sandwich at Best Deli.

Best Deli also has healthier options on their menu, like the Veggie Wrap. This particular wrap has avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sprouts with around four hundred calories in total.

“A lot of kids come in asking for our Veggie Wrap. It’s a pretty popular item on the menu,” said Ali.

Gourmet Market and Bagel has recently become popular after opening at the end of last semester. The deli’s Italian Burger is a common order for Manhattan College students. The burger has beef, fresh mozzarella, and marinara sauce.

“There’s a lot of calories in the Italian Burger, but it’s great. It’s definitely over one thousand calories,” said Zak, a worker at Gourmet Market and Bagel.

The Texas Burger is similar to the Italian Burger and has bacon, pepper jack cheese, barbeque sauce, and onions. They both exceed the one thousand calorie mark.

For those looking for an order with less calories, the salad sandwich portion of the menu has great options like the Vegetable Tuna, Chunk Chicken, Italian Chicken Salad, and the Egg Salad. All of these items allow customers to choose if they want it on a sandwich or hero. This section of the menu ranges from approximately four hundred to five hundred calories, depending on what you order.

Gourmet Market and Bagel also has a variety of avocado sandwiches. Some different options in this section of the menu include the Cajun Chicken, the Pesto Chicken, the Chicken Cutlet Avocado Sandwich, and the Vegetarian Burger Avocado Sandwich. These orders are in the five hundred to seven hundred calorie range.

“The avocado sandwiches are extremely popular. Everyone loves avocados,” said Zak.

IMG_1809Manhattan College students also love the Tom Kelly. The Tom Kelly is also over one thousand calories. This sandwich has chicken cutlets, bacon, mozzarella, ranch, and hot sauce.

“The Tom Kelly is my favorite. It’s one of our most popular sandwiches,” said Jay.

“The Fat Bitch”, the popular sandwich made famous by its humorous name, is a sandwich created by Jasper’s Deli which contains chicken tenders, French fries, mozzarella sticks, and marinara sauce on a hero. An approximate count of the calories in this sandwich is easily over fifteen thousand.

“The Fat Bitch definitely has the most calories. It has a lot,” said Jay, a worker at Jasper’s Deli.

While many local eateries provide healthier options as opposed to student’s favorites, the student body still enjoys getting food after a long day of studying or before heading out for the weekend.

The workers at the delis are fans of their respective popular menu items, although many don’t know the specific calorie counts, sodium counts and amount of fat found within the food.