Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Thank you for allowing us the space in this issue in order to introduce ourselves and the work and message that we are trying to promote here on campus. Especially with the issue this month focusing on Health & Wellness it is now a pertinent time for everyone on campus to understand our mission as the student led Green Dot Action Committee. We want to not only promote the idea of health in a physical sense but also on a mental and emotion level. This is what we hope to instill with the students here at Manhattan College.

GreenDot is a bystander intervention program that believes on the two pillars that 1) any act of power based violence is not permitted here on campus and 2) everyone has a part to do when they do see acts of power based violence here on our campus. These acts of violence can be expressed in various ways not just in physical harm. Power based violence can also be seen through stalking, intimidation, and coercion.  This is a strategy used at campuses across the nation to measurably reduce violence, and with your help we can continue to make Manhattan College safer every day.

The GreenDot Action Committee will be holding monthly events and meetings for those interested to join us in spreading awareness and learning more about this program. If anyone would like to be put on the list for these meetings you can e-mail us at greendot@manhattan.edu so that we can add you onto our list of members. We also have a Twitter and Instagram account at @GreenDotMC that students can follow in order to keep up with our events and monthly giveaways that we put on. Stay healthy and help to spread those Green Dots!


Manhattan College GreenDot Action Committee