Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

As I wrote in this space last week, it’s easy to lose sight of some important things in the heat of a busy semester at college. Whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual health, I think all of us can agree that there have been times when we’ve “let ourselves go” too far. That’s what this special issue is all about- an inside look at health in college through the Jasper-green lens of life in our leafy corner of the greatest city on Earth.

For me, as a Roman Catholic, this issue comes at an important time of the year, Lent. This Lent, I am resolivng to make a better effort to stay in shape, and to put a greater focus on the health of my body, mind, spirit and interpersonal relationships.

We could all be a little healthier- and that’s what these pages are dedicated to.

Enjoy the break

Stephen Zubrycky

Editor in Chief