Student to Spearhead New Fashion Show on the Quad

by Abby Crowell



The spring season is ideal for new beginnings as well as fashion trends. As the crisp winter weather progresses into warmer days, it becomes time to ditch those warm sweaters and break out the spring dresses and strappy sandals.

This fashion transition has been long awaited by students who have been ambushed by the cold winter months that New York has to offer. A unique way to celebrate this metamorphosis of seasons as well as the anticipated season of fashion is to attend or participate in Manhattan College’s “A Celebration of Art”.

“A Celebration of Art” is a new fashion show that is striving to go beyond the traditional, catwalk entertainment that usually characterize fashion shows. The mastermind behind this extravagant event is junior Ryan Quattromani. Quattromani is a mechanical engineering major at MC who also has a special talent with retail.

Outside of MC, Quattromani is the recent founder of Chapman, which is a “nautical- inspired lifestyle brand retailing across New England”. Quattromani will be serving as the chairman.


“I originally came up with the idea of a Fashion Show after attending a few shows at Rhode Island Fashion Week. With the development of my new brand, I thought it would be fun to showcase the talent of many members of our community in a Fashion Show on the Quad. I reached out to a few of my contacts at the school and was granted $1,000 in support of the idea,” said Quattromani.

This modern fashion show aims to be inclusive to everyone in order to portray the talent and diversity that Manhattan College students offer. Quattromani’s past experiences with fashion shows has in- spired many ideas that will be developed into “A Celebration of Art”.


“The name of the Fashion Show is ‘A Celebration of Art’ which basically means I would like to showcase art in many forms. At one of the fashion shows I attended in the past, between designers, saxophonists, singers, and dancers performed. This is what I would like to see at our fashion show. I would like to bring students from across campus, from a variety of backgrounds and interests, and put on a show for the college community,” said Quattromani.

Art, culture, and fashion are essential in the lives of college students, therefore, this event is a colossal opportunity for people to demonstrate their passion and capability in front of an audience.

“At this point, we are looking for a wide range of students interested in a variety of fields, including photography, videography, modeling, hair and makeup, production, setup, music, performance, vocals, general volunteers, designers, advertisement, social media, etc. The committee is growing rapidly and currently involves close to twenty five students,” Quattromani said.


There is a wide range of artistic freedom that this fashion show offers. Quattromani is hoping to include student designers and off-campus designers within the show. Furthermore, the committee is attempting to arrange for various products to be sold at the event.

The Fashion Show will be held on April 29th in the afternoon/evening on the Quad, but more details, including tickets, will be released closer to the date. Quattromani encourages students to participate in the upcoming show because the more people involved, the better the outcome will be.