New Sushi Station Opens in Kelly Commons, Among Other New Food Options

Gourmet Dining has introduced a sushi bar as one of their new amenities in Kelly Commons. ‘The One Sushi’ is a high-end company and can also be purchased in Yankee Stadium where they do made-to-order sushi and prepare grab and go sushi, much like they are doing in the Commons.

The company Tong, also located in Yankee Stadium, the Prudential Center in New Jersey, and over 100 different universities and colleges from Boston to New Jersey, was also introduced in Kelly. They serve hot, authentic Chinese food.

Brian Weinstein, Resident District Manager of Gourmet Dining Services, worked closely with a group of students on a food service committee which included the student government president, Dorian Persaud, and Student Government to decided what would bring traffic to Kelly.

“We brought Tong in with The One Sushi and I’ve gotten great feedback. It’s just like ordering Chinese from the local corner store. All the fish is sustainable fish fresh from the markets down in the West Side of New York,” said Weinstein.

kellysushiWeinstein worked with the company prior to coming to Manhattan College so a partnership was easy to accomplish. He also worked with Compass Group, which Gourmet Dining has been a part of for 15 years.

“I know it brings great satisfaction to the student and faculty body. It’s very popular and it’s a great product line and I’ve been working with the company a long time so with that so far I’ve been hearing nothing but great things and it’s been a great success and I just want to keep bringing in new things that make the students and Manhattan College community happy and satisfied as far as food and service,” said Weinstein.

Dorian Persaud, student body President, worked on the focus group to bring new services to our school. Persaud receives a lot of feedback and suggestions from students and takes everything into consideration when working with Weinstein.

“It’s been an amazing experience working alongside Brian this past year. His experience, expertise, and dedication to the student’s enjoyment really shows across campus. He’s very open to new ideas and can take the dining experience in a very new, positive direction,” said Persaud.

Grab and go sushi was also introduced throughout the campus in C-Store and Café 1853. Everything is prepared fresh daily and anything lefkellysushi1t over is discarded.

On average, anywhere from 40-50 made to go rolls are ordered every day. Currently, the vegetable rolls and California rolls are available for meal swipes in the Commons.

“It was made right in front of me which made me feel better about the food and it was made quickly. [It’s] a great alternative to Locke’s,” said student Diego Gregory Miguens.

Weinstein is also looking to expand Locke’s Loft’s sushi events meaning a sushi stadium during lunch and dinner at least four times a semester, possibly once a month. Gourmet Dining is also putting together a catering pricing guide per person for the sushi so you can order them at events.

“Stay tuned for two Red Mango frozen yogurt machines and a topping bar in Café 1853 sometime after Spring Break,” said Weinstein.