Manhattan’s First-Ever Art Club: Sanctus Artem

By Shannon Silvia, Contributer Writer

On the snowy night of Jan. 31, sophomores Leony Anne McKeown and Kelsey Quartulli, co-presidents of ‘Sanctus Artem’ met before beginning their meeting of the first ever arts club in Manhattan College history.

McKeown and Quartulli met through the arts history department, sharing their passion for the arts with each other. When McKeown found out that there had never been an arts club for Manhattan College students, she immediately contacted fellow art enthusiast Quartulli to resolve the problem.

“Submitting the proposal for Sanctus Artem last semester was somewhat impulsive because I had to type up a constitution and find a group of individuals as excited and passionate about the idea as myself all in one week before the due date. After Kelsey said yes to this overwhelming idea, I knew I had good company by my side, at times [it was a] frustrating process [became] unquestionably worth it,” McKeown said.

They decided on the name Sanctus Artem which means pure art in Latin because pure art is what they want to bring to the Manhattan College community. Having a  place where students can come together to enjoy the arts.

“We wanted people to feel like they have somewhere to belong. [The] goal was to force a person to carve out time for [their] passion,” Quartulli said.

Sanctus Artem, although just beginning, has a very clear plan for its future that includes involving members creative minds in the process.

“Sanctus Artem is still in its early development stages as an Art Society here at MC, but our board is working on reserving a room in Kelly Commons so that we can have weekly meetings in which the Board welcomes all students to come present their creative ideas to us and update us on events they would like us to help them host,” said McKeown.

The club is also planning to host three events this semester open for any student that is interested, including a lecture given by artist Robert G. Cox, a pop up art show and even an art exhibition on campus.

The idea of Sanctum Artem is to allow students to get their art out into the city and express their creativity. With the lack of clubs for students interested in art on campus, it is a great way for student with an interest in art to express themselves.

“Our goal is to have artists build organic relationships within the school, and the art community in New York. We are tired of so much raw talent slipping through the cracks at this school. The artists here have a voice and the ability to make a difference on campus. Fortunately, we have been given the opportunity to make this happen! Our Board is comprised of very multifaceted students who are just as eager to further develop this artistic community. With Sanctus Artem at our disposal we will be heard,” Quartulli said.

Students interested in joining the club are encouraged by McKeown and Quartulli to follow @sanctusartem on Instagram or get in contact with the club.