This Week in Photos: January 29 – February 4, 2017


Kayla Grimme scored 27 points and added 9 rebounds during Manhattan’s decisive 57-44 win against Saint Peter’s. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle


Over 1,100 fans attended the Monday morning’s faceoff between the Jaspers and Saint Peter’s. The vast majority of whom were local elementary school students; suffice to say, they were excited to see the Jaspers win. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle

Jump Pass.jpg

Freshman Guard Gabby Cajou throws a jump-pass to Kayla Grimme (off-screen) for an assist. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle


Junior Guard Amani Tatum takes a shot from behind the arc. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle

Invstr Talk.jpg

On Monday afternoon, Kerim Derhalli, the founder and CEO of invstr ltd, spoke to business students about his experiences in the financial industry. Anja Pollozi/The Quadrangle

Commons View.jpg

The view from Commons on Monday afternoon. Anja Pollozi/The Quadrangle

Cards for Cause.jpg

On Monday evening, Students came together in Cornerstone to create cards for various local organizations and groups. Kaiyun Chen/The Quadrangle

Commons Snow.jpg

On Tuesday, snow inundated the campus including the Raymond W. Kelly ’63 Student Commons. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle

Multicultural Center Discussion.jpg

On Tuesday evening, the Multicultural Center hosted a “Coffee & Conversation” event wherein students had the opportunity to express their thoughts on President Trump’s “Muslim Ban” executive order and how it may affect them. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle

The First Blossom.jpg

After the storm, Manhattan began to see its first signs of Spring. Anja Pollozi/The Quadrangle

Blood Drive.jpg

On Wednesday, students had the opporunity to donate blood to the New York Blood Center in the Leo Fischbach Reading Room. Kaiyun Chen/The Quadrangle


On Thursday evening, the English Department hosted its first Major Author Reading Series (MARS) event of the semester, featuring Heidi Julvatis – the author of the critcially-acclaimed “THE FOLDED CLOCK: A Diary.” Juliette Rodrigues/The Quadrangle

Jummeh Prayer.jpg

On Friday afternoon, non-Muslim students and faculty joined their Muslim peers in their weekly Jemmah (Friday) Prayer as a means of expressing solidarity with the Muslim community in the wake of President Trump’s executive order. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle


Manhattan College’s Muslim Chaplain Imam Samer Alraey delivers his sermon in Leo Hall Room 259. The event was joined by Jewish leaders from the neighborhood as well as Lois Harr, the Assistant Vice President for Campus Ministry, and Brother Jack Curran, the Vice President of Mission. The crowd is visible in the mirror at the top of the image. Aaron Mayorga/The Quadrangle