Student Government Holds First Assembly Meeting of the Semester

This past Wednesday, Jan. 25., Manhattan College’s Student Government held their first Student Assembly Meeting of the semester.

Top priorities of the meeting included changes to Gourmet Dining, Residence Life details, revamping athletic games and commuter affairs.

“The meeting was good,” said Student Body President, Dorian Persaud. “It was short, but it went very well.”

The first couple of items on the agenda were Gourmet Dining and Residence Life.Gourmet Dining discussed bringing sushi to the college that is now located in Kelly Commons, bringing back pasta as an everyday menu item and other things of that nature.

Brian Weinstein, Gourmet Dining Resident District Manager, added that he will always be open to student suggestions in regards to making their dining experience more enjoyable.

AJ Goodman, Associate Director of Residence Life, provided updates about the upcoming RA applications along with the leadership program that began last semester. More details on these topics will be available at a later date.

The meeting rolled on to discuss some athletics announcements. Allie Yamashiro is a student-athlete and also the vice president for communication on Student Government. Because of this tie, she has began to lead a charge that is focused on driving Jasper attendance.

Ideas on this topic included a possible hot dog stand at sporting events along with making more shirts and other apparel such as sunglasses available to students.

The Club Oversight Committee or the “COC” was next on the list as they had their turn duringthe meeting to discuss important upcoming dates. Main points included that all new clubs must have their paperwork turned in by Feb. 3., according to the meetings official agenda.

Allison Ready, Vice President for Social Life followed the COC. Ready emphasized that student input is vital to making her role on campus successful.

“If you have any ideas, feel free to shoot me an email,” said Ready.

Ready also mentioned that the next Social Life meeting will be Feb. 8., in the Student Government Lounge.

“We will be talking about Spring Fest,” she said.

Olivia Siller holds the position of vice president for residential affairs on campus. When it was her turn to inform the crowd of her actions in office, she highlighted making the dorm halls a much cleaner place.

“I started the initiative to put hand sanitizers in the dorms,” said Siller. “With everyone getting sick, I think that this is a good idea.”

The last committee to speak was the Commuter Student Association. Micaela Bishop lead these conversations as she is the vice president for commuter affairs.

Bishop discussed the recent event which took place in Bryant Park’s Winter Village where students were able to ice skate. Bishop went on to mention Domino Fridays that will take place every Friday at 1 p.m. at the Multicultural Center of Kelly Commons.

Bishop continued, adding that a large Commuter Appreciation Day will be sometime in April, with more details to follow.

As the meeting concluded, the final item was the American Student Government Association conference that members of student government will be attending on Feb, 24. Last year the group attended the same conference in Chicago, as this year the meetings will be held right here in New York City.

The fairly quick meeting adjourned as Persaud informed the crowd that their next meeting will be Feb. 8. in Kelly Commons 4B at 12 P.M.