Letters from the Editor

Dear Reader,

The 2016 election season is about as over as it ever will be. Donald J. Trump took the oath of office last week, and is now the most powerful man on Earth.

This past election season, I was inredibly heartened to see the enthusiasm on both sides of the aisle – whether it be in the jubilation of Mr. Trump’s supporters, or in the dejection of Hillary Clinton’s supporters. As I wrote late last year in an op-ed, this is what makes democracy special – people can get involved, because they care.

I was heartened once more this past week as millions across the country took to the streets to express their dissatisfaction with the state of our political system. We are the only ones who can bring the change – and I think more people today realize that than ever before in my lifetime.

It’s important that none of us become apathetic, or begin to turn our backs on the process, no matter how trying it may become over the next four years under Mr. Trump’s new leadership style.

Speaking out is an important tool for those who feel marginalized by the process.

This is why I am offering this space – page two of the Quadrangle – for those who feel they have something to say, and need to hear it said.

Speak out. Make your voice heard. We’re your student newspaper. We’re here for you.


Stephen Zubrycky

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