Jaspers Talk: Elizabeth Pierson

Junior goalie Liz Peirson is has watched the Manhattan Women’s lacrosse team struggle for 2 seasons, but is ready to change that this year. She has confidence in the young nucleus of this team, which she thinks can make a run at a MAAC championship this season.

The Quadrangle: When did you start playing lacrosse?

Elizabeth Pierson: In the seventh grade, it was for a middle school team. I started playing because all my friends signed up and I wanted to try it with them

TQ: Who is your favorite pro?

EP: Scotty Rodgers. He went to Notre Dame and now he plays for the Ohio Machine. Professional lacrosse isn’t that big though

TQ: What age did you start playing goalie?

EP: I played one game at defense in seventh grade and after that they stuck me in at goalie and never took me out. I guess they liked me there.

TQ: A lot of student athletes live far from home, how far do you live from Manhattan College and how does that make you feel?

EP: I live about 3 hours from MC. It’s a nice distance, far, but no too far. My parents can still come to some of my games

TQ: Recently the dynamic of the team has changed. There is a new coach and a lot of underclassman. Do you think the changes have been good for the team?

EP:  Coach McConnell brought new energy, and the freshman provide a lot of depth that we didn’t have last year. I’m excited to see what Manhattan Lacrosse can do this spring

TQ: Do you have any pregame rituals?

EP: Nikki Prestiano and I always listen to “Knee Deep” by Zac Brown Band before our games. Other than that, not much.

TQ: What’s your expectation for the coming season?

EP: Every year we look to win a MAAC Championship but we have come up short. I think this year our goal is very achievable. We have a huge non-conference matchup with Rutgers which I think will put us in a good spot heading into MAAC play.