Students Propose Forming an Anti-Bias Club on Campus

by ANTHONY CAPOTE, Editor & TORI JAMES, Staff Writer

In an effort to educate and unite students against prejudice and discrimination of all types on and around campus, a group of students have proposed forming an Anti-Bias Club.

Samantha Roth, one of the club’s founders, said the idea was bred by a range of contemporary issues in the public sphere, including police shootings of unarmed black men and the Black Lives Matter Movement, Donald Trump and even some personal experiences here at Manhattan College.

“There’s too much talk about the argument itself and not enough clubs like sponsoring a Black Lives Matter protest,” she said. “I feel like if we do that then at least that opens up a door for people to look at it and learn about it.”

Roth said the purpose of the club would be to provide a neutral space for feminist and racially diverse speech, without fear of reprisal.  The concept stemmed from some of her own experiences, where she has faced backlash for some of her viewpoints, especially concerning feminism and Islamophobia.

“We get called ‘femi-nazis’ at parties and it’s not OK,” she said of herself and friends Isabelle Leyva and Bridget McEvoy who are also involved with trying to start the club.

In response, three have determined to create the Anti-Bias Club, which would participate in events like the racial justice teach-in held on campus, as well as work with other clubs run by the Multi-Cultural Center like Fuerza Latina in hosting various events.

“We just want people to be a little bit more conscientious about what they say, and we want people to feel more comfortable if they’re not white,” McEvoy said. “If there is no feminist club, or there is no club that talks about racism that’s sending the message that we don’t want that here, and this isn’t the place to talk about that.”