Family Weekend: 2016

Every fall Manhattan College gives students’ families the opportunity to be a part of the Jasper community. Family Weekend sponsors events that students can attend with their families, giving them a taste of what it’s like to be a Jasper.

This weekend offers free on campus entertainment while providing a chance for parents to learn about the experiences students receive while both studying and living on campus.

All of the entertainment is family oriented and appropriate for all audiences. Some of the events offered this year were a golf outing in Van Cortlandt Park, a speed painter, a hypnotist, a chance to break a world record, a performance done by the jazz musician Bernie Williams, a family mass and a trip to the High Line. The school also provided lunch and dinner so students could eat with their families.

Chantal Flores’ mother, Maritza Acero, drove to visit from Long Island, New York. Acero said she was impressed with what the college had to offer.

“My favorite part of family weekend was trying to break the Guinness World record. The challenge was to keep a party hat on for five minutes but we didn’t beat it because we had 185 people but we needed 250,” Acero said.

“Everyone was enjoying family weekend. I like Manhattan College because my daughter is happy here, I think she chose the right college because she enjoys everything like the academics, the atmosphere, the students, the faculty and the administration. I love the campus itself and the food, it was all really awesome,” said Acero.

Family weekend provides an excuse for parents to come out and spend quality time with their children. Many parents said that it is a nice break between the start of the school year and Thanksgiving so students can see their parents.

Kyle Watkins’ family also travelled to the Bronx from Long Island to see him.

Kyle’s mother, Katrina Watkins said she likes how her son gets an authentic college experience while not being too far from home

“I like that Manhattan College is local because it’s close to home so we can come see our son compete at his track meets and watch him progress in college as well,” Watkins said.

“Today at Family Weekend, we saw the hypnotist, and sat and talked to Kyle for a while in the cafeteria. He has been here since August and we haven’t seen him so we were looking forward to see him, along with Bernie Williams.”

“My favorite part about today was just being on this campus. I think it’s a great campus in the middle of all this traffic yet it’s so quiet here,” she said.

Manhattan College has strong roots with its students and their families. Family weekend allows parents to see the investment they have in their child’s education pans out.

Students and faculty already understand what the day to day on campus is like and families can share that lifestyle with the students too.

Rebecca Lowe’s family is from Stanford, Connecticut and her father is an engineering professor here at the college. Her mother, Mary Lowe was incredible supportive of Rebecca’s decision to come attend school here.

“I’ve been coming here so many times over the years so it feels sort of homey. It’s a nice environment, not too big but not too small. Yet it’s still contained as traditional campus but New York and the subway is right outside. I enjoyed relaxing on this beautiful day at a beautiful campus,” Lowe said.

The weekend ended with crisp, fall weather and families from all over enjoyed quality time with their college students.