James Patterson Recipients Announced

For the fifth year applications for the James Patterson Scholarship have opened for select junior and senior students.

“The James Patterson Scholarship recognizes and rewards the academic achievement and leadership potential of Manhattan College students,” according to Manhattan College’s website. “Especially those who are interested in a career in education. The scholarship is based on merit, need and involvement in activities related to the College’s mission.”

“These students show exceptional potential for their future in educating others and making a difference in their communities,” said Christopher Hoey, one of the scholarship recipients.

“I earned the scholarship through the application process. A little over 100 sophomores applied at the same time that I did, but they base everything off of your written application. Once you receive the scholarship, however, you must expand upon your mini essay and refine it so that James Patterson himself could read it,” Hoey said.

Photo courtesy of Manhattan College.

Students who are eligible for the scholarship received an email from President O’Donnell’s office at the end of their sophomore or junior year with an application attached. $5,000 was awarded to each of the 20 recipients. Seniors are also eligible to apply to receive one of four additional $2,500 awards based on essay submissions.

“This scholarship is so much more than money to help me pay for my education, it solidifies to me that I am being rewarded for my hard work academically, and of my potential for great things in my future,” said Lorraine Bishop, another recipient. “As a student that not only persistently works hard academically, I also constantly try to improve my own community’s quality of life by doing volunteer work. A significant part of my character is devoted to caring for other people and contributing to their well-being which is part of the prerequisite for this scholarship.”

Scholarship recipients come from all different types of backgrounds and their majors do not play a roll in their selection. The scholarship encourages students to use what they have learned from their major and apply it to communities. It is a motivational tool for today’s youth to reward them for giving back to the world.

“I believe the qualities and experiences that helped secure my selection was all of the volunteer work I have done since high school,” said Mia Bertoli.

According to Patterson’s website, each year, The Patterson Family Foundation awards scholarships to students at 22 different colleges and universities around the country. His foundation also funds James Patterson Teacher Education Scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students that are studying education and are committed to teaching careers.

There is no surprise that he would continue to give back to his alma mater.

“I believe it may have been my involvement in tutoring, volunteering, and the church that’s given me an advantage. I have such a wide variety of interests that I get involved in so many different clubs and organizations,” said Cathleen Giordano. “I met plenty of lovely people with grateful hearts and it keeps me positive when life’s hard. I really want to thank James Patterson and the school for their recognition and generosity. I am blessed.”

The scholarship gives students a leg up before graduation and alleviates some of the financial weight they will carry with them post-graduation.

“His scholarship is all about how you envision your future, not so much what you’ve done with your past. So really, I’d say anyone ambitious enough and that shows enough interest is a great candidate,” Hoey said.