Saturday in the City: Bright Lights and a Big City

by ADANNA CARTER,  Staff Writer

If you have a MetroCard in your wallet, adventure in your heart, curiosity in your soul and a yearning to explore, then all aboard Saturday in the City’s adventurous journeys. Saturday in the City is a residence life program that offers you a path, a guide and a key to the riveting escapades in the city. It guides you towards new people, new opportunities and memorable experiences.

These experiences include walking over a gorgeously decorated abandoned freight rail line, wandering through a path with delicious and authentic Italian food and drinks and strolling along the breathtaking Brooklyn Bridge. This program will answer the riddles of the city and reveal the secrets of the megalopolis.

Saturday in the City offers more than just experiences, it attracts new perspectives, presents new revelations and introduces you to an additional set of friends.

“This program is all about giving Manhattan College students an opportunity to sightsee in the city with people who can become your new friends,” Siobhan Connor, a senior resident assistant of the eighth floor in Horan Hall with a major in management and a minor in theater said. “Students always have the option of going into the city whenever they want, but now they can do it in a fun and welcoming environment with people who also want to go on the trip.”

Every event in this program will be one worth going to and every experience in the city is a valuable one. There are so many different chances to learn. One of the most classic must-do experiences you’ll need as a student at Manhattan College is the lesson to explore and try new things. One of the most important must-do experiences you’ll need as a person in life, is the lesson to seek new things.

“I have learned in this program that MC is located in a beautiful place. A hop on the 1 train can lead to so many new adventures for the students as they spend their time here,”  They will never get tired of what NYC has to offer and we can start them on this journey through the Saturday in the City program,” Priya Chilana, a senior and an RA of the ninth floor of Lee Hall with a major in biology, said.

“I have learned that your experience at Manhattan College, or even New York City for that matter, is defined by what you make of it. Take advantage of the resources you have around you. NYC is a beautiful place,” Dorian Persaud, a senior and an RA of the first floor of Chrysostom with a major in mathematics, said.

Saturday in the City is a program of opportunity. A chance to have fun, meet new people and see new things.  Extinguish your tendency to be close minded and quench your thirst for curiosity. Saturday in the City can only change your life for the better, through new experiences.