Letter from the Editor: October 4, 2016

The Quadrangle always welcomes feedback from the college community on the content we publish on a week-to-week basis. We believe that the thoughts and expressions of students, alumni, faculty, and any other members of the community are extremely important. Those who wish to have their opinions heard both in our print edition and on our live website can submit “Letters to the Editor.”

Letters to the Editor must follow these requirements:

– Letters should be no longer than 350-500 words. Those who want to write a piece of greater length can contact The Quadrangle for details.

– Absolutely no vulgarity, profanity or hate speech is allowed.

– All letters must include the first and last name of the writer and his/her contact information. The contact information will not be published, but may be used for verification purposes by the staff of The Quadrangle.

– If applicable, please include affiliation to Manhattan College (student, alumni, staff, etc).

Letters can be emailed to The Quadrangle email: thequad@manhattan.edu or submitted through our website: mcquad.org

Ally Hutzler