Also on Campus: September 27, 2016

Presidential Debate

Bernie Sanders dominated a poll that asked Manhattan College students who they wanted as their President last spring.

Since then, a lot has changed.

As the 2016 Presidential election heats up, Manhattan College hosted a Presidential Debate viewing party in the Commons last evening.

Light refreshments were also served as Republican Nominee, Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton were face to face for the first time.

Being the first of four debates, the event acted to raise awareness while students and staff were able to exercise their rights to participate in politics.

The 2016 election is the first that most students are able to participate in.

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program has been very active in September as events have been held to create student leaders on campus.

The next opportunity to attend one of these events will be Wednesday, Sept. 28. as Residence Life is hosting “Lasallian Leadership” at 12 p.m. in Room 3B of the Raymond W. Kelly Student Commons.

Earlier this week, “Motivating the Middle” and “Leadership… as told by Pixar” were held in the Commons and had the same goal of creating leaders.

Multiple certificates can be earned by students attending three or more of these leadership programs, which will continue throughout the entire school year.

Coffee House

The newly refinished Jasper Hall 1st Floor Lounge was put to use yesterday as the first Coffee House of the year took place.

Coffee House is an open mic night that allows students to preform up to ten minutes of any entertainment that they choose.

This entertainment is usually in the form of dancing, poetry, stand up, singing, playing guitar and other things of this nature.

The next Coffee House will be held next month in the same location.

Movies on the Quad

After last weeks showing of “Finding Dory”, “Central Intelligence” is set to hit the quad, Thursday Sept. 29. at 9:15 p.m.

“This will be our last one for the fall semester since it’s getting colder out,” said Student Body President, Dorian Persaud in an online statement.