iPic Entertainment Visits Campus Seeking Part-Time Workers

Starting last Thursday, and ending tomorrow, students may have noticed a table on the first floor of the Kelly Commons with adults offering free movie passes. This was iPic Entertainment.

iPic Entertainment is a forthcoming theater that has a vision of creating the ultimate movie experience. The plush theater offers extra-cushioned leather seats as well as reclining seats that come complete with a personal blanket and pillow. Food and drinks designed by the chef are offered as well.  The company is on campus looking to hire Manhattan College students for various roles within the new venue.

“We are here at Manhattan College because we want to reach out to as much community as possible,” Daxon Patterson, unit manager for Fulton Market, said. The iPic Theater will have its grand opening at the revived Fulton Market in South Street Seaport on Friday, October 7th.

Human Resources at iPic Entertainment reached out to Manhattan College’s Center for Career Development as an effort to get students involved and offer part-time jobs. Typically, the department of Career Development organizes events such as the career fair as well as visits from accounting firms and engineering companies that are looking for full-time hire.

“We do want to serve as a hub for part time jobs that will be beneficial for students as well,” Rachel Cirelli, Director of Career Development, said.

With the grand opening approaching, the company wants to make sure they have a full house and plenty of hands on deck. “We are hiring at least 200 employees for front of the house, back of the house, we want hosts, guest services, reception, bar back, bartenders, servers, dishwashers, and concessions. We are looking to hire everyone possible that way we can have a good turnout,” Patterson said.

Cirelli believes many companies gravitate towards Manhattan College because of its good reputation and accessibility to New York City. “These opportunities are important and employers like to see you have work ethic and that you supported yourself.”

Students who showed interest in the company received a card that said, “Work for iPic.” Once the student has submitted their applications, they will then be contacted by iPic Entertainment to set up and interview as soon as possible.

So what is iPic Entertainment looking for in a part-time student worker? Character. “We hire character, we hire talent, and we just train skills,” Patterson said.

“We do obviously believe that having these kind of jobs are extremely important for their own professional development. We want students to put these kinds of opportunities on their resumes,” Cirelli said.

iPic Entertainment will continue to be on the first floor of Kelly Commons through Wednesday, Sept. 14.