Student Government Holds First Assembly Meeting of the Year

Revamping Locke’s Loft, creating more fun activities on campus, making life for commuting students easier and more enjoyable and even potentially placing an Au Bon Pain on campus.

These were just a few of the key discussion points at the first Student Government Assembly meeting which took place in the Raymond W. Kelly Student Commons this past Tuesday, Sep. 7.

“The first meeting went great and I’m looking forward to a great year.” said Student Body President Dorian Persaud.

The first item on the meeting’s agenda was Gourmet Dining.

“We have a lot of really exciting things going on,” said Assistant General Manager of the Food Service Management Team, Brian Conway. “We are really pushing for an Au Bon Pain around January.”

Conway added that Au Bon Pain, if placed on campus, would be located by Cafe 1853.

Other tasks that Gourmet Dining and Student Government have been working on include reforming the new commuter meal plan and making food more appealing to all students.

Commuter meal plans “Will mirror dining dollars that we already have here,” said Conway. “Incorporated in these meal plans is swipes to Locke’s Loft which includes discounted costs.”

Specifically, the commuter meal plans include two options. The first allows three meal swipes at Locke’s Loft and $330 Dining Dollars per semester, while option two allows five meal swipes and $550 Dining Dollars.

Micheala Bishop, who leads the Commuter Student Association, placed an extra emphasis on commuter students to take advantage of these new opportunities.

“Get as many students involved as possible so that we can expand it.” Bishop said.

Persaud mentioned that students are signing up, but like Bishop, he hopes that these programs continue to grow and become more successful.

“We’ve had students signing up,” said Persaud. “We plan on strengthening the commuter meal plan, but it’s a great start.”

Conway also shared that new chefs were hired at Locke’s loft, Cafe 1853’s menu was improved and options for vegans have been updated.

The meeting rolled on and shifted its focus from Gourmet Dining to discussing Student Government’s current committees and associations.

The committees and associations included;

Social Life Committee and the Lasallian Action Committee lead by Allison Ready.

Budgets Allocation Committee lead lead by Matt Mattera.

Club Oversight Committee lead by Kaitlyn Griman.

Resident Student Association lead by Olivia Siller.

Neighborhood Relations Committee lead by Ryan Quattromani.

And lastly, as stated before, the Commuter Student Association lead by Micheala Bishop.

Each committee or association discussed their plans for the semester, which included bringing some new activities and ideas to campus, as well as continuing with some traditions.

Ryan Quattromani, a veteran of the group, mentioned some of the work that Student Government did last year to bridge the gap between the surrounding community and Manhattan College.

The biggest of these activities was a community luncheon that created a space for students, staff and the community to come together and discuss how to mend Manhattan College’s relationship with residents of Riverdale.

“I’m hoping to do that again this year.” Quattromani said.

Bishop also discussed more legislative plans to change the culture for commuter students.

“I want commuter students to safely take metro trips to school together,” said Bishop. “ I also want more than just one commuter appreciation day, I’d like to have more, small little commuter appreciation days.”

Persaud, like Bishop, seems to be highly invested with adjusting the life for commuters here at Manhattan College.

“I also have been in contact with the lead developer of the MC Glance application, Micheal Fulton, as they try to implement new features,” said Persaud.  “ It would be awesome to see if the application could allow you [commuter students] access into residence halls.”

Allison Ready, in charge of social life on campus such as Spring Fest and Manhattan Madness, emphasized she wanted students to be active and come to more Student Government meetings.

“Bring your guys’ opinions, and the student bodies’ opinions,” said Ready. “ We could do so much more.”

The next Student Government meeting will be held Sep. 21.