SoNYC Makes Exploring New York City Easy

By Taylor Brethauer & August Kissel, Asst. Editor & Staff Writer

Dessert crawls, bike tours and the never-ending hunt for the best rainbow bagels are just some of what Slice of New York City, or as the members like to refer to it as SoNYC, has to offer Manhattan College. The club began back in 2013 and was inspired by the idea of showing the not-so local students the secrets of the big city.

This fall semester brings an entirely new executive board than the year before, including sophomores Monika Simikic and Areba Thomas, the club’s President and Vice President respectively.

The girls now running the club stress that they want anyone and everyone to come join their events. It’s a chance to experience New York City things as locals, not necessarily tourists.

“I’m from California and I had never been to New York before… when I joined SoNYC it made me so much more comfortable with the city,” Monika Simikic, a sophomore, said. “To be able to be a part of the executive board for this club is very exciting for me, I’m excited for our events and for everyone to participate with us.”

SoNYC provides MC students with the ultimate guide to explore NYC. Photo by Taylor Brethauer, The Quadrangle.

In the past, the club has gone on many dessert crawls, which is their most popular activity. Some of their other activities have included scavenger hunts in Central Park and a trip to Smorgasburg food festival in Brooklyn.

The club invites anyone to sign up for the events via email on a first come, first serve basis, due to the fact that the club will try to pay for the event and make the day as cost efficient for the attendee as possible. However, anyone is more than welcome to attend any of the activities.

“I wanted to make friends and I wanted to explore the city because I’m all the way from North Carolina,” freshman club member Mikenna Breen said.

The members are welcome to pitch any of their own ideas for events as well.

One of the most popular this year being the Roosevelt Island Tram, as suggested by Breen and many other students. The tram is a gondola that takes the passenger from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan over the East River.

“We really try to diversify the events that we are doing,” Thomas, a sophomore, said.

This year the executive board tried to push other events such as bike tours in Central Park, a kayak tour along the Hudson River and the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy.

If students are still interested in getting involved with SoNYC, the club has more than enough space. SoNYC is advertised as open for any student, as long as you have an interest or love of all things New York City. To reach to the club, email

“Being able to take people [into the city] and seeing their reactions as they experience things they wouldn’t be able to experience in other parts of the country or even the world will be the best part of this club,” Simikic said.