Maintenance and Repairs on Campus

During the month of August, more than 1,000 work orders were sent to Manhattan College’s physical plant, according to the department’s director, Nancy White.

White said just 784 out of the 1,362 campus work orders have been completed so far.  She said some despite the large number of work orders, some have to precedence over others, based mostly on urgency.

“I know that the college’s Physical Plant department is always concerned with items relating to student health, safety and comfort,” Andrew Weingarten, director of residence life, said.

Toni Baisden, area coordinator for Lee Hall, said that a clogged toilet is one example of an essential request that would considered a top priority.

Although a blown lightbulb or broken window shades would be considered less important, Baisden said that she is concerned with anything that does not function properly.

“These things are normal wear and tear in any residential building but we understand that they are important to the living condition of a resident’s room,” Baisden said.

A climate control unit placed in a trash area outside of Horan Hall. Kyleigh Panetta/The Quadrangle

Ryan Bunts, area coordinator for Horan Hall, said that the most common request for Horan Hall was related to air conditioners needing to be cleaned out or replaced.

“Generally the units get overworked during this time and don’t function at maximum capacity when the residents return. So some units either stop functioning or don’t get as cool as the residents would like,” Bunts said. “Issues where the AC is not functioning during hot weather, there is an issue with electricity or the fire alarm in the room take top priority.”

He also said that extermination requests are very high on his radar in Horan Hall.

Baisden said that most of the work orders she has seen in Lee Hall have been related to furniture.

Some of the most common furniture requests were for higher bed frames, left handed desks and larger armoires.

Both Baisden and Bunts want their residents to know that it is important to request repairs as soon as they are noticed instead of waiting.

Work orders can be made through MC’s Micromain work order system or direct phone calls to the Physical Plant.

“Like any building in NYC there are bound to be issues,” Bunts said. “We don’t want anyone to live in conditions that are detrimental to their success and happiness here at Manhattan College,” Bunts said.