Kinesiology Department Recognized by National Strength and Conditioning Association

Manhattan College’s Kinesiology Department recently earned recognition from The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as an Education Recognition Program (ERP) which meets their educational guidelines.

This acknowledgement will allow the college to provide its kinesiology students with the coursework necessary to prepare them to become strength and conditioning specialists or personal trainers.

Tedd Keating, Ph.D, associate professor of the kinesiology department, was a part of the process that earned the department this approval from the NSCA.

“The NSCA is the most respected organization internationally within the strength and conditioning profession.  We have been delivering coursework and practical experiences supportive of careers in this field since our inception, though the organization has begun this process of recognition in the past decade,” Keating said.

“Our exercise science curriculum provides the necessary background to become certified as a strength and conditioning specialist through this organization. Through examination of our coursework and faculty, the NSCA has essentially indicated as much,” he said.

Jeffrey Cherubini, Ph.D, chair of the kinesiology department, was also a part of this process. He said that this recognition comes with many perks for the department and its students.

“This recognition allows us to continue to provide our students with additional professional development support for reaching their career goals. Some of the benefits to our students include discounted NSCA membership, conference and certification exam fees, as well as premier access to scholarships, internships and assistantships,” Cherubini said.

While Cherubini said he is pleased with this new achievement and the added benefits, he still feels most rewarded by the department itself.

“What I am most proud of as chair is the individual and collective efforts of our kinesiology faculty who day in and day out put forth the extra time and energy to ensure that our curricula, instruction and co-curricular programming are providing our students with the necessary knowledge and skills for future career success,” he said.

Amanda Jones, junior kinesiology major, plans to become a physical therapist after college and said that the recognition is very important.

“As a kinesiology major, my path includes hands on learning inside and outside of the classroom. I’ve learned a lot about health, wellness, fitness, performance and the body through my classes and summer internships,” Jones said.

As one of the many dedicated kinesiology students within the department who will profit from this accomplishment, Jones attributes a handful of her success to the department.

“The MC kinesiology department is so wonderful because of the amazing professors who want to work with you to be successful and are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help out and explain material if we need help with a topic,” she said.

“Our department is very close-knit and friendly group of people who are determined to be leaders and help others,” Jones said.

Looking toward the future, Jones believes that she and her classmates are at an even greater advantage now that the department has earned this acknowledgement.

“The kinesiology students will benefit from our recognition from the NSCA because this provides outstanding networking opportunities, allowing students to expand their knowledge and be exposed to more certification opportunities,” Jones said.