Boyce Avenue Headlines Quadstock

After the unexpected late Quadstock last year, Manhattan College’s first event of the year went back to its original format this past Saturday, September 3. Despite a couple of clouds and windy gusts, around 75 students gathered in the Quad to enjoy the acoustic set performed by the guest band, Boyce Avenue.

The YouTube cover band formed by the three Manzano brothers Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian played a little bit of everything, from some classic songs like “Fast Cars” by Tracy Chapman or “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls, to some original ones like “On My Way” and “Hear Me Now.”

Students from every year attended this event organized by Student Engagement, previously Student Activities.

Boyce Avenue headlined the event. Photo by Leony Anne McKeown, The Quadrangle.

Audrey Sabatino, from the 2020 class, shared her experience about her first Quadstock.

“I thought it was great. I heard of them [Boyce Avenue] before, but my roommate was really into them so we all came and I really liked them. I wanna check them out now.”

But not only the new student body enjoyed the event. Olivia Smith, senior and part of the class of 2017, talked about the sensation of this one being her last fall concert at MC.

“I had never listened to them before and I thought they were awesome. It’s weird to think that it’s over but this was a good last Quadstock for me.”

After a one-hour set performed by the band, a brief Meet and Greet took place in the 5th floor of Thomas Hall, where some students were able to take a picture with them and exchange a few words.

“We love playing college shows,” Alejandro Manzano, vocalist of the band, said. “We have such fun college memories that to come back here is always cool to get that perspective again.”

Student enjoying the 2016 Quadstock. Photo by Leony Anne McKeown, The Quadrangle.

But, although today they have more than 8.5 million subscribers in their channel and over 2 billion view of their videos, not everything has been easy for Boyce Avenue.

“We started performing in our local bars and pubs while we were in college,” Manzano said. “And then in 2007 is when we posted that first video in YouTube.”

Uploading videos frequently, managing a record label and touring around the world can become a hard task, and this is why they think that being together as a family is the most important and distinctive part of the band.

“As a solo artist is harder to make everything on your own,” Fabian Manzano said after being asked for an advice to anyone pursuing a music career. “Find a group of people that inspire you, find a good community and build a team that shares your ideals… your quality of life is better.”