The Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding Program

by BRIGID SHEA, Staff Writer

This summer, students from Manhattan College will be traveling to Mexico to participate in the Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding Program. This program takes students from different Lasallian colleges and universities around the world to learn leadership skills in a global setting.

The Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding program has been at Manhattan College for five years now. Last summer, Brother Jack Curran, along with four Manhattan students, travelled to Rome, Italy to take part in this experience and connect with other students in the international Lasallian family.

“It’s like meeting your cousins,” Brother Jack said. “We all come from the same Lasallian Community.”

Lasallian Leadership
MC Students will travel to Mexico this summer to participate in the Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding Program. Erica Rebussini/The Quadrangle

The program included various lessons that taught the participants about St. John Baptist de La Salle and the work that members of the Lasallian Community are doing all over the world. They also took part in many different workshops that enhanced their leadership and team building skills.

The program also allowed for the participants to see how students from other countries are spreading the message of the Lasallian Community. Nicholas Weyland, a participant in the Rome program, explained that learning how other schools enhance the Lasallian mission pushed him to continue with his own participation.

“I learned an endless amount of things,” Weyland said. “But learning and experiencing how other Colleges and Universities deal with inclusive community, respecting people and all the other points has led me to move forward with a more creative and diverse mindset.”

What the students learned during the Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding program in Rome made an impact on their lives at Manhattan College. Erica Rebussini, another Rome participant, found that her experience lead her not only to push forward with her mission, but to appreciate other Manhattan College students who are doing the same.

“My opportunities in Rome have inspired me to continue being part of this momentum, and to recognize others for doing so, and give them the appreciation and support that they deserve,” Rebussini said. “I could not be more proud of my fellow Jaspers, and I know that going to Rome gave me the opportunity to see how powerful this Lasallian tradition truly is as we continue to model it and connect with it all across the world.”

Tiffany French, Manhattan College’s Assistant Dean of Students, will be accompanying the chosen students to Mexico for the program this summer. The program leaders look for students who are interested in gaining a knowledge of international leadership among a diverse group of people.

“Students who enjoy working with others, want to develop their leadership skills and learn about themselves can be great candidates to continue the strong legacy of Manhattan’s work with the program,” French said. “Our world can benefit now, more than ever, from the teachings of De la Salle so it’s great to see that students are looking to connect more deeply with their faith and leadership skills so that they can in turn share that with others here at Manhattan.”

The next Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding program will take place in Mexico over a two week period and will be going to two different cities in Mexico, Cuernavaca and Mexico City.