Jaspers Talk: Molly Fitzpatrick

by RIKKILYNN SHIELDS, Assistant Editor

Molly Fitzpatrick, attacker on the lacrosse team has completed her first season at Manhattan College. The freshman played in all but one game this year, and placed fourth on the team in points with 28.

Before Manhattan, she was a four-year varsity starter as an attacker at Lakeland High School in Yorktown Heights, New York. She was named Varsity player of the year, All American, All State, All Section, and Journal News First Team.

Molly Fitzpatrick.png
Molly Fitzpatrick finished her freshman campaign with the fourth highest points total on the team. Go Jaspers/Courtesy

The Quadrangle: How did you get into lacrosse?

Molly Fitzpatrick: I was first introduced to the game of lacrosse by my older brother, John. Once my older sister decided to quit softball and play lacrosse, I think that is when I realized this is the sport for me. Lacrosse has always been a big part of our family. Growing up, we would always go into our backyard and play lacrosse with our whole family.

TQ: Have you always known you wanted to play D1?

MF: I watched both my brother and sister get recruited to play lacrosse in college and had no doubt in my mind I wanted to do the same thing. It wasn’t until the summer going into senior year of high school that I committed to play at Manhattan.

TQ: What was the transition from high school sports to Division 1 like?

MF: I knew what I was getting myself into when I chose to play Division I Lacrosse for Manhattan. When it came time for the recruiting process to start, my brother and sister were currently playing lacrosse in college, and I watched them, and knew instantly I wanted to do the same. I think the biggest difference I noticed as I transitioned from high school to college was how fast-paced the game is at the collegiate level. However, the girls on the team made it very easy to have a smooth transition which helped a lot.

TQ: How did you feel days leading up to the first game, and how did you feel stepping on the field for the first time as a collegiate athlete?

MF: It didn’t hit me until I was looking out the window of the bus on game day, realizing what was about to happen. I am usually good at controlling my nerves, but that day was different. For me, stepping onto the field as a Division I athlete for the first time was whirlwind of emotions. You start to think of everything you’ve done to be given the chance to play. I think by the time the first whistle blew, my nerves finally calmed down and I was just excited to start my career as a Jasper.

TQ: Was it disappointing that you and your teammates didn’t qualify for the MAAC?

MF: Although we didn’t make MAAC’s this season, we still have a lot to be proud of. I don’t think our team not making MAAC shows all of the strides we made this season. We’ve accomplished things this season that this team hasn’t been able to do in the past. Everything we’ve worked for this season will help us accomplish that much more next season.

TQ: What are some goals you have for next season?

MF: I want to work hard this summer to improve as a player, so when we come back to campus in the fall, I am completely ready to go. Another goal would be to keep improving as a team, and to work hard and like always, work to making MAAC.

TQ: What is your favorite memory from this season?

MF: My favorite memory from this season is definitely when we beat the University of New Hampshire, and it was recorded as the number one upset in Division I girls Lacrosse for that week.

TQ: How was your first season overall?

MF: As my freshman season comes to a close, I look back to the first day of fall ball practice, and look how much I’ve grown not only as a player but as a teammate. I have to thank my coaches and teammates for making this freshman season one I will always remember.