College Access Day Brings Prospective Students to Campus

On April 29, more than thirty high school students were touring campus but the group was unlike any other prospective student group.

The visiting high-school students are involved with after-school college-access programs with two of Manhattan College’s community partners, Fordham-Bedford Community Services, and Sistas & Brothas United which is part of the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition.

The event, called “College-Access Day,” was hosted by Campus Ministry and Social Action with the purpose of to strengthening our relationships with our community partners and providing insight to what a day as a Manhattan College student is like.

College Access Day 1
College Access Day attracted over thirty high school students, providing them with insights into college life at MC. Photo by Victoria Hernandez, The Quadrangle.

Their day started at 11am with an information session with admissions and a guided tour with a current student. During the afternoon, the high school students had the chance of attending a student panel where they had the opportunity of asking all sort of questions about college life. The student panel was composed of five very involved students who are leaders on campus. From sophomores to seniors, these students were chosen in order to have a diverse panel. They all had different majors and interests.

Lucemy Perez, broke the silence by asking the student panel: “How effective are your advisors here at Manhattan College?”

“Very supportive, they anticipate your needs, and you can really form a relationship with them if you make the effort to get to know them” Celena Gonzalez said.

Dorian Persaud has had quite a unique experience. “I’ve switched majors 6 or 7 times but my advisor has been with me through the whole process” Persaud said.

The conversation went on and dozens of students raised their hands to ask questions, they all seemed interested and involved in the activity but it turned more serious when Brittany Martinez asked, “Are you prepared, what are you going to do after graduation?”

Ivan Bohorquez, answered “[Manhattan College] has academically prepared me for the work force.” He went on to say “I have a few job interviews but nothing is set in stone yet”

On the other hand, Krystal Diaz will stay in Manhattan College as a graduate student. “I talk to my advisor all time and I am involved so opportunities come to me… My boss said: ‘I’ll pay grad school for you if you work for me as a GA’ (Graduate assistant.)”

The event ended with the Center for Academic Success giving a presentation and Diaz’ reminder: “Don’t get overwhelmed by freedom [in college.] Never skip class and get to know your professors” Diaz said.